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Firms and companies choose not to hold meetings at their work premises for some reasons. Instead, they opt to rent a conference hall or rooms to hold their corporate meetings. Some of the reasons that prompt an organization to rent meeting venues are lack of sufficient spaces and facilities to accommodate employees, partners or board members. That’s why Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya provides corporate meeting packages Penang, for all corporate meeting needs. A good spacious room will allow for an effective meeting and provide room for more individuals to participate in the meeting.

The company benefits from these packages because they provide the business with an opportunity to invite more partners and seize an opportunity to network more and expand the business projects. Even if an organization has a boardroom which they could use to hold their corporate meetings, renting a corporate conference room helps the company cut the extra cost of acquiring meeting equipment such as chairs tables and projectors. The meeting rooms have current technology devices aimed at making your corporate meeting a success, beautiful furniture and a décor with the glamour that could impress your future business partners. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are major benefits that a company gets when it chooses to rent corporate meeting packages Penang. You are provided with a friendly host who helps you organize the room as you want it to be.  Providing the banquet facilities, décor, and cleaning services and you desire. The host saves you a great time that you could spend setting up the room on your own.

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Is it ideal for small companies?

Yes, it is very ideal for small companies to rent a conference room and hold their meetings despite the number of members attending the meeting. There is a misconception that small companies wrongly believe in: those conference halls are for the big companies. This is a big lie because, when a small company starts renting out meeting rooms, it creates a room for bigger meetings and increases the chances of such a business to connect with bigger and growing firms. That’s why Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya provides corporate meeting packages Penang, that allows meetings for people as many as 400 and as little as 10 for up to 8 hours of stay. Also, small businesses may not be in a position to afford quality meeting facilities and equipment provided at conference rooms. Therefore whether you are a small company trying to grow or a big established organization, there is a package for you.

Other benefits associated with renting a meeting room include it leaves an impressive gesture to potential clients and investors and you can book for as many as eight hours with access to quality facilities. You could hold various kinds of meetings such as seminars, briefings, press conferences among others. The various packages available at Sunway Hotel Seberang corporate meeting packages Penang include a full day meeting for less than RM 100 per person. Here participants between ten and 400 can hold a successful meeting with access to lunch and tea breaks. There is unlimited access to a PA system with classy cordless microphone writing materials, whiteboard, bottled drinking water and mints, and other facilities. There is also a half-day meeting package which includes using the meeting room for a maximum of four hours and access to the same amenities as a full day meeting package.

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