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When you first step foot in Magaluf, the sheer intensity of the city can feel quite overwhelming. Like places such as Ibiza, this is a party hotspot well and truly. All you can do here is let loose, have a good time and make sure that you spend as much time as you possibly can here by having a wild time with your mates!

Getting to grips with Magaluf, though, can be tough. Here are some general questions and details that you might have wondered about coming to Magaluf answered and explained.

Is Magaluf dangerous?

Sadly, the wild element of Magaluf made it a bit of an odd place to come for a short period of time. However, local police have this well and truly under control. If you were to come to Magaluf now, you would feel no less uncomfortable here than you would in any party city.

With police offering a stern but secure presence, you can have a great time without having to worry about violence or anything else like that taking place.

The main danger that you will find in Magaluf is dehydration. When on a Magaluf booze cruise, be sure to keep your fluid levels high: mix up your drinking of alcohol with some water, and you should be more than ready to handle whatever this city has to throw at you.

Eating in Magaluf

Of course, one thing that will bring an end to your Magaluf booze cruise is not eating enough. Make sure that you get plenty of food down you, and you can make every night out a bit more enjoyable. Invest some time into trying out the local Spanish food while you are here.

You will also find all manner of fast food and takeout restaurants, from kebab houses to Italian and Chinese food stalls. If you want to make sure that you can eat a bit better, though, you will find plenty of cafes and the like serving more wholesome foods. When you come out from a wild night of partying, though, you’ll find that eating in Magaluf is just as easy as drinking!

Accommodation in Magaluf

You should be able to find a hotel or apartment setup that you would feel comfortable sleeping in without too much issue. If you want to have some fun when you arrive in Magaluf, then look around for reservations for the summer a few months in advance: prices often skyrocket during the summer, so this will help you to get affordable accommodation even when arriving during the peak months.

Starting off your Magaluf booze cruise

We recommend that you first head on down to the Wavehouse, otherwise known as the Paseo Martimo. This is a fine place to spend your time, and will allow you to just relax for a bit as well as take in some fun activities like the Waverider – a very fun water-based experience that everyone should try out.

This will help you to make sure that you can enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun before setting off to paint the town Roja. It would be foolish of you to not take in all that this amazing city has to offer outside of the party atmosphere, so start your Magaluf booze cruise off with a trip over to the Wavehouse for some fun, a few drinks and an easy way to get yourself in that perfect party mood.

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