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This is easily one of the top parks in the country due to its majestic views, abundance of amazing activities, and the sheer natural splendor of the land. For anyone considering a motorhome hire trip through the Northeast, you should most definitely consider stopping here in the home of the Cascades Mountains which is one of the most uniquely beautiful areas in the country. Of course in the middle of the park you have Mount Rainier which hovers over everything, plus there are lots of outdoor activities, wildlife spotting, and more to keep you occupied during your stay.

Check Out The Wildfowers

If you visit Mount Rainier National Park during the summer, especially from about mid-July to mid-August, you will see the land come alive with the vivid colors of wildflowers. The rolling meadows in the Paradise region are particularly stunning with their abundance of purple lupine, red paintbrush, pink penstemon and white avalanche lilies. There are a series of paved nature trails that will allow you to get right up close with them, and the contrast between the meadows and the mountains will be like nothing you’ve seen in your life.


Visiting Mount Rainier during the winter means experiencing an epic winter panorama with deep pure blankets of snow, white-tailed ptarmigan, and snowshoe hare running back and forth on the surface. This is one of the highest levels of snowfall in the country which of course attracts multitudes of skiers and boarders and innertubers at one of the many resorts, and cross country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities as well.

Ride A Train

Mount Rainier Railroad lies just south of the park in the small mountain town of Elbe. From here you and your fellow travelers can embark on a steam train ride that passes  through miles of deep forest, past scenic rivers such as the Upper Nisqually River, and small towns such as Mineral, where the train stops at a museum where you can check out exhibits including a comprehensive collection of steam logging locomotives and hear about the pioneers of railroad logging camps in the early 20th century. After spending all those hours in a motorhome hire, it will be refreshing to sit back on a peaceful old time train ride through the country.

Camp Out

It is highly recommended that you take at least one night during your stay to sleep out under the stars. There are a number of campgrounds throughout the park that allow this opportunity, giving visitors the chance to spend the night in some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. Many of the sites are connected by a series of trails that are a joy to explore throughout the day before heading back to your camp . From June through September the weather for camping is great in the region, so take advantage if passing through during this time.

Lake Tipsoo

Tipsoo Lake is a longtime favorite place for photographers and artists, and you’ll see why the second you lay eyes on the tranquil, clear waters and the mountain ranges reflected off of them. There are a number of hiking trails in the region, so make sure to take advantage of them since this region is gorgeous. Check out a sunset here and witness one of the most spectacular visas you will see in your days of traveling.

Sunrise Trails

These trails, known as the Sunrise trails, are situated at well over 6,000 feet in elevation and have been providing visitors for years with jaw dropping views of the mountain and a number of other peaks and volcanic ranges of the Cascades including the legendary Mount Adams. There are 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Plus, you can drive all the way to the top, making this one of the highest elevated roads in the country and world. There are two hiking trails as well, with Sunrise Nature Trail going through meadows with spectacular Mount Rainier and the Cascades towering in the background. The Sunrise Rim Trail takes in all of this scenery with the added bonus of Emmons Glacier views which can be seen from two notable overlooks. This is easily the best way to get a true feel for this spectacular park.

Rainier is a natural wonder that offers a potent combination of fantastic views, an abundance of activities, and some of the best skiing in the country. There are few spots in the US better than this for a motorhome hire journey, and you won’t soon forget it no matter what time of the season you visit. From its colorful wild summers to its winter wonderland cold months, this park offers drop dead beauty at all times. Located right in the heart of the Cascade ranges, there are few places as uniquely wild and gorgeous as this.

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