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The enchanted Bali Island situated within the iconic Indonesian archipelago will stir the wanderlust within you with its assortment of charming characteristics, exciting features as well as its exciting and welcoming local culture. Famed for its silky sand beaches, turquoise waters, as well as laid back beach lifestyle, Bali is also packed with a wealth of both adventure and activities to engage in. 
It’s all simple; you want it? Bali has it! This tropical island offers much more than merely a remarkable vacation on the sandy beaches.

The astounding number of exciting and exploratory Bali things to do makes it an outstanding destination. Blessed with exclusive natural splendor, this famous tourist hub is home to streaks of spirituality, an exotic local culture, not to mention a vigorous dose of thrill and adventure. Even if you are here for a short time, you can subsequently let loose, stay fit, as well as explore the traditional and cultural roots of this pristine location. In fact, with such a wide array of enticing yet affordable possibilities on offer, the only challenging bit within Bali is making up your mind on what you want to do next. 

A significant number of individuals visit Bali due to its unmatched diving, surfing, and water sports activities and opportunities. Nonetheless, there is also a plethora of adventures which can be done inland amongst the stunning and luscious landscapes ranging from climbing volcanoes, to zip lining, trekking, and whitewater rafting, not to forget quad biking through numerous terrains and into the jungles which adds some zing to the already broad spectrum. Whether it is serene yoga classes boasting views of the beautiful paddy fields and rice terraces, or the family-friendly, fun-filled water parks, you have your list of activities to complete great day out. In case you are looking to relax, you can decide to sit tight at the restaurant of your choice, which will possibly feature a stunning beach, a variety of dining options, and an exotic spa. Need you hear more? For the more adventurous, you can traverse this iconic island on the lookout for ancient temples and hidden shrines-such as Tirta Empul Water Temple which is a fascinating place to visit and popular with visitors to the island


Finally, if you have a family, there are numerous things to do including Waterbomb water park, elephant riding, among others. Only a select few destinations, if any, can rival what this tropical island has to offer. The diversity of things and activities to do and see in this island keep individuals coming back over and over. 

If Bali isn’t yet on your bucket list, then you only need a change of priorities. While on your visit, one of the first and must do things that should top your bucket list is visiting the splendid waterfalls on the island. Bali is home to numerous waterfalls, and although it is virtually impossible to view all of them at once, there are several standouts. By far, the most stunning waterfall is the Sekumpal Waterfalls. Although it takes 40-minutes to hike down to its location (which means only a few visitors visit it), the trail is along incredible views of rice fields, and you’ll definitely be rewarded for your efforts.


This waterfall is about a one hour drive from Munduk and the slightly longer walk to access the falls keeps it slightly less crowded than other falls. At its foot, you will not only experience its immense power, but you will also benefit from a fresh, cold, shower and a mesmerizing rainbow as a bonus when the sun is up and shining.

Another exciting and fun thing you can do while in Bali is experiencing the stunning Bali countryside on a four-wheeled ATV (All terrain bikes) tour. With an ATV Bali tour, you can experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush by engaging in among the most adventurous activities in the island. ATV riding allows you to off the road in the Bali countryside and delight in incredible views of the island’s extensive landscape.

These bikes are  made to cover virtually any terrain subsequently and are both simple to handle and fun to ride. With quad biking tours, you can combine a thrilling ride with the chance of seeing authentic and hidden parts of the Balinese island which are far off tourist trails and roads as you cruise through rice fields, splash through mud, cross jungles, and cruise through customary Bali villages otherwise known as Kampongs. And better yet, the choice is yours on whether to drive yourself or have a tour guide take you across the landscapes as you relax and enjoy the sceneries. 

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If you are planning an ideal Bali getaway but can’t figure out where to stay, don’t let that ruin your opportunity to have a vacation of a lifetime. Bali has over the years established itself as a leader when it comes to luxury accommodation. Bali is the ultimate spot for a rejuvenating holiday and any traveler looking for an intimate haven to refresh, relax, and even rebalance to the serene island spirit cannot afford to miss out purely because of discomfort. Enjoy utmost privacy and comfort without any restrictions by booking one of the many Bali Villas.

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Contrary to common perception, villa stays are not necessarily overly expensive. In fact, renting a whole villa for a group or family is equal to renting some hotel rooms although far comfier. Imagine this, no dress codes, no missed meals for whatever reason, or even sharing of the pool with strangers! You can either choose to prepare your dishes or go for those with the services of several personnel to tidy up, cook and assist you in planning for exciting, fun day trips among other things. Villas offer you the complete vacation package accompanied by unmatched care and attention of typical Balinese hospitality. Bali has a wide array of hotels and villas for virtually any budget or other specification. Why settle for any less? 

Additionally, with its splendid beaches, stunning forests, and host of coral reefs, organizing a Bali family holiday is merely child’s play. The perennial balminess of its tropical climate is just as warm as the locals. You will get an engaging collection of engaging outdoor activities in this island for all your family members, kids and adults alike, ranging from leisurely pursuits such as kite surfing to some adrenaline boosters like the quad buggy rides. The absolute quality and diversity of kid-friendly things to do in Bali are remarkable, and both you and your kids are always adequately catered for. 

With a fantastic choice of hotels, you’ll also be  treated to a vast array of Family Friendly Hotels Bali rich in amenities all offering value for your money. Family hotels and resorts in Bali primarily cater to each need of every family member. Kid-friendly pools featuring adjacent sun loungers ensure that you are close enough that you can watch your kids but also far enough from the splash zone action! Waterslides, private sandy beaches, and rock-climbing walls are all facilities within these hotels to ensure your kids remain thoroughly entertained allowing you the much-needed relaxation time. 

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The diverse array of things to do while in Bali will stun not only new visitors but also ensure long-time travelers keep coming over and over. Bali is that sporadic destination that is both profoundly mystical, yet entirely amusing. Whatever your interest or age, whether you are traveling alone or with your family or colleagues, Bali is sure to offer you both physical and metal satisfaction-as you genuinely deserve. Have fun and enjoy all that Bali has to offer!

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