Car Insurance and Winter Season Any Connection

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Winters bring about the lovely misty mornings, but they also bring out a whole lot of problems for vehicle owners. How often did you get late for work last winter simply because your car didn’t start up? And remember the time when you couldn’t see a thing due to the thick fog and crashed into the bus in front of you? You are not the only one who faced these problems last winter. Unfortunately, these problems are real and may strike this winter too. But rather than putting the car away for the entire season and buying a quarterly bus pass, you can simply buy a good motor insurance plan and easily tackle these problems.

Useful ways in which a car insurance plan can help you this winter

  • Engine problems: The engine is perhaps the most problematic part of the car in winter. The engine oil quickly becomes cold and prevents the engine from starting up. The problem worsens when there is a snowfall or unseasonal rain. The engine can quickly cease, causing all sorts of problems. Keeping this in mind, you need to get a car insurance plan with a good engine protection rider. This is a must and can help you immensely in this season.
  • Fog issues: The next problem that motorists face in winter is the fog problem. Fog literally chokes the Indian roads in winter. You cannot even see what’s ahead of you. This leads to accidents commonly. At times, you are at fault and at times it’s the other driver’s fault. You therefore need a comprehensive car insurance plan. A third party cover will not offer any compensation for the damages to your car. And since these common winter accidents cause considerable damage to all the vehicles involved, you need to have a good comprehensive car insurance cover in place.
  • Roadside assistance: You need to seriously consider getting some add-on covers with your car insurance plan this winter. One of the most useful riders is the road-side assistance rider. Engine problems as well as bad weather conditions often make the situation impossible for you to drive in. You are then left with no other option, but to leave your car at a secluded place and walk back home. You need this rider at such a time to ensure your car is safely towed to a garage where it can be repaired and returned to you.
  • Cracked windshield: This is a problem that many vehicle owners face in winter, when the mercury drops drastically, your car begins to display signals of distress! A common response is cracked windshields. The glass of the windshield contracts when it is cold and the entire thing shatters into pieces. And since the windshield is an extremely important part of the car, you cannot drive the vehicle without it. Buying a good car insurance plan helps as it reimburses the expenses incurred while getting a new windshield attached.


Nature is very cruel at times and you have no option but to bow to it. You can however take some measures and stay prepared for the winter hazards. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and you will understand exactly how important it is to get a good comprehensive car insurance plan this winter. With the cover in place, you can combat the weather issues and continue to drive your vehicle without too many roadblocks.

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