Greater Noida to Agra

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Road trips are fun, especially when you are with a group of friends. There are alot of places in India you can head to for off-roading or a long road-trip. However, once in awhile, when you long for a short road-trip, just to get away fro the city for a few hours, you will want a peaceful journey while at it. Here are some of the best roads in India for a short road-trip.

One thing the tourists resounding agree and complain about are the roads and traffic of India. Even in the posh areas of the major cities, you cannot help but stumble upon numerous potholes. If that is the state of the major modern cities, you can only imagine the state of towns and villages. Most villages don’t even have roads vehicles can go, let alone having a decent road. But not all road trips in India can be bad. There are some really nice roads, especially in the highways. Not are these roads well built and fortified, you also get passing glimpses of beautiful scenes along the way. Here are some of the roads you should plan a roadtrip to.

Greater Noida to Agra

Greater Noida to Agra

Although the road you take while travelling by a Delhi to Noida cab may be jam-packed with vehicles and numerous potholes along the way, head towards the other side and travel the road less taken. We are talking about the road from Greater Noida to Agra. The beautiful expressway, also called the Taj Express is a beautiful 6-lane expressway in India. This is the road that makes it utterly convenient for people to reach the Taj Mahal.

New Delhi to Jaipur

While most may raise an eyebrow to this route being mentioned in this list, it definitely earns its spot among the best roads for a road trip, especially more for people living in South Delhi, as once Gurgaon is crossed in less than half hour, the road is smooth sailing and beautiful. People living in Old Delhi will have to cover the entire Delhi area before they reach the good part which might take them at least 2 hours. The huge four lane roads of NH48 marked by small sand and rock hills on the sides and multiple dhabas on the way make for a brilliant road trip.

Jaisalmer to Bikaner

The long and winding road of NH11 leading from the desert city of Jaisalmer to Bikaner is a road trip you will love, be it riding or driving. The scenery on the sides of the road changes constantly from sand dunes to green trees and suddenly some small rock hills. There are no annoying toll-booths along the way and the two-lane road makes it feel more at home.

Mumbai to Pune

One of the first 6 lane roads/expressways in India is the one that connects Mumbai to Pune which makes the travellers reach their destination in less than 2 hours. The beautiful landscapes of the Sahyadri mountain ranges you get to see as you drive by this expressway make for a brilliant sight. Although the Delhi to Noida distance is just 30 km, if you move out during peak rush hours, it will take you longer to reach Noida from Delhi than it would for your to reach Mumbai from Pune!

Unlike other countries, if you are looking for a rugged road trip with some rough off-roading terrains, you need not go very far in India! Good roads are hard to come by, so cherish the ones that are good, for now.

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