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Each one of us has the dream to travel solo anywhere in the world. Some can fulfill the dream and some are not able to, but the urge of exploring the world still remains within. Reading travelling books and solo expeditions has always lured me, and I hope most of the people reading my blog have felt the same when they came across solo tour experiences. The thinking of going out alone just makes the adrenaline rush in the veins! Just think you are alone towards a new destination where no one knows you.

But, have you once realized that what might happen if you find that you have forgotten to carry the passport or the identity proof along with you in the middle of the journey? There will be lots of problems if you do not carry the essential things in your travel bag. Here is the checklist of all the things that you will carry when you are going for a solo tour.

Solo Traveller

  1. Take the passport and identity proof-

One of the most important items that you should carry along with you is the passport and the identity proof. Passport is very important. At the last minute while going out of the house, check the bag that you have put your documents in it or not.

  1. Pack less yet light-

Taking a lot of clothes while going for the tour is not really good. This will not only make the bag heavy, but you will feel difficulty in carrying them from one place to another. If you are going for a mountain hiking or adventure tour, try to take light cotton clothes that will make you feel comfortable during the journey. If you are going to a cooler place, try to take jackets instead of carrying woolen sweaters.

  1. Take medicines and water-

As you are travelling alone, it is your duty to carry medicines and water with you. There can be the sudden requirement of first aid kit or medicine. So, why not take the precaution before facing any sort of problem.

  1. Know the language and carry the road map-

You should know the place very well along with the language of the place as well. This will help you to know the culture and tradition of the new place from its deeper roots. Taking the road map is very important when you are going for a solo trip.

  1. Take cash, not ATM card-

It is obvious that you may not find ATM counter all time in every place. Thus, it is very important to carry cash with you in place of the cards in emergency cases.

Apart from these all items; take some travel books, magazines, dry food and a postpaid mobile connection when going for solo trips. So, hope you are ready to pack your bags? Do not forget to go through the Travel guide ebook to get lots of information about travelling.

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