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The millennial generation is a one focused on discovery and experiences. We like seeing the world from as many different perspectives as we possibly can, so that we can get a true vision of the world, or something as close to that as possible.


Due to this mindset, traveling has become extremely important for our generation. There is nothing else in the world that can give that view broadening experience like travelling can. It is, at times, a spiritual experience, but for a lot of people, the material side of things might be a limiting factor.

If you are not financially capable to pay for traveling, there are ways to sidestep this limitation and even make things more transformative and character building. Here are some tricks you can resort to in order to breach that financial barrier and see the world.

  1. Traveling English Teacher

From your perspective, it might seem that everyone knows English these days, but this is far from the truth. Around the world, people are seeking tutors, with or without an English degree, to teach native people the English language and they pay them decent salaries. It also gives you the chance to bond with the natives and get a better view of their culture.

  1. Working Holiday Visas

There are some countries that offer this special type of visas to people between 18 and 30, to allow them to work there for longer periods of time. With this kind of visa, you can stay for up to a year and apply for any job you might prefer. Ireland, Singapore, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are just some of the countries that offer this type of visas.

  1. Travel blogging

This might take some time to set up, but travel blogging really offers diverse opportunities and a stable financial income. You’ll need to invest into building a decent blog, brush up on your writing and find the best SEO services to make your website visible in search queries, but once you set this up, you can do a lot of things.

All kinds of deals can be struck with hotels, resorts, travel agencies and other travel related businesses to advertise them in your posts (or on banners on your website). You can earn a steady income by simply transferring your experience into written form. If you have some photography skills, that’s a tremendous advantage.

  1. Housesitting

These kinds of jobs are extremely easy to do, but it can be a bit difficult to get things going. Still, once things get rolling, you’ll travel from place to place and get paid for accommodation instead of the other way around. Sure you’ll have some obligations and responsibilities, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle and you’ll still have a lot of free time to have fun and explore. These gigs can last anywhere from one week to one year and there are people out there who have travelled in this manner for years.

  1. Traveling Musician

If you are a musician, there are numerous options for you to work and travel. Basking is the obvious choice and if you can come up with a creative street performance, you can earn quite a lot with just 2-3 hours of daily street playing. Furthermore, you can give lessons to increase your income even more.

Finally, if you have a band, you can apply for a cruise ship band position and get paid decently for lounge gigs. Sure, this requires preparation and passing an audition, but it is nothing a well-rehearsed band can’t manage.

Don’t give up on your dream to travel. There are really a lot of options for anyone to see the world without financial strains or exhausting work and bad travel conditions. All you need to do is get the courage to make this decision, do diligent research, as well as handle all the preparations and you are off!

Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged by pessimistic approaches. Ask around with the people who have done this before and get their take on things so that you can solidify the fact that it is actually possible to pull this off, that it’s not just something the chosen few can do. Happy travels!

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