Bhopal Trip

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Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is full of greenery and exquisite charm that has helped to make it as one of the major tourist attraction for years. There are many places in Bhopal that will surely make you fall for this place the moment you visit them. The impeccable greenery and the natural beauty of this city has made it one of the most interesting place to visit.

Bhopal Trip

Plan a trip to this lovely city because there are many things to learn and many adventures to try your hands on. Book one of the best hotels at Bhopal now and make your dream come true! Here are some of the activities you must try your hands on in this city. Read on!

  • Bhopal is called as the Lake City of India because of the abundant lakes and water bodies that can be found all around the city. The water sports of all sorts including boating, kayaking, parasailing, and water skiing are available in these lakes. While in Bhopal, don’t forget to visit the famous Upper and Lower Lakes that are built on the Kolas River. And once you do that, make sure you indulge yourself in these fabulous water sports. You will enjoy it, that’s for sure!
  • Learn about the ancient heritage of our country. Plan a trip to Bhimbetka, declared as the World Heritage Site. The ruins and the rock paintings of the Bhimbetka caves date back to almost 15000 years. The carvings depict man struggling to live at that time. These are considered as wonderful piece of art. You need to see them.
  • Sarnath and Sanchi Buddhist Stupas are nearby Bhopal. These Buddhist pilgrimage attracts hundreds of International tourists from all over the world. If possible, keep some time in your hand and make a day trip to these places.
  • The whole of Bhopal is full of two things. Firstly, the lakes. And secondly, the temples. The temples of Bhopal are interesting to be at. Most of them were built by the ancient rulers of Bhopal. Temples like Bhojpur Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple bear an exquisite charm that will mesmerize you.
  • Plan a trip to Van Vihar National Park. This park is home to nearly 200 types of birds. You will also get to see different animals including tiger, chital, sambar and many more. With upper lake on one side and Shyamala hill on the other, the park is a perfect natural habitat for these wild animals. The lush greenery of the park could be any nature photographer’s delight.
  • Re-discover this beautiful city in your own way. The whole of the Bhopal is quite beautiful and well-decorated to suit the tourists’ choice. Get to know the lakes and the local people who know of many local tales regarding the formation of Bhopal and its rich cultural heritage.

Don’t wait up anymore! Pac your bags and search for hotels Bhopal online and hop on! You will be mesmerized by the charm of this majestic city, that’s for sure!

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