5 Cities to Invest in Near Manila

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If you’re looking for an investment with a good return, you usually can’t go wrong with real estate. Some of the most up and coming places in which to make an investment are in developing countries in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is often overlooked by investors, but it may be one of the best places in which to invest in luxury condominiums.

5 Cities to Invest in Near Manila

Strong Demand

Due to improved economic conditions and its popularity as a tourist destination, there is a high demand for condominiums, especially luxury ones, by expatriates who live in the country. While many investors may concentrate their interest in Manila, the space shortage is forcing investors to look in the surrounding areas to find good investments.

Poroc, Pampanga

If you want to get out of Manila, this small province should be on your short list. It is close to Manila, but doesn’t have the traffic or pollution issues. With several new mall developments, there are several good investment options. Check with local real estate agents for availabilities, especially in areas where developments are in their early stages in order to find properties at good prices.


If you are interested in commercial properties, then this busy city may be a good place to consider. The city offers a competitive environment, which is attracting local, national, and international companies. Both established companies and startups are thriving in the area and it is easy to get around in the city because of the various public transportation choices. Luxury condominiums are also a good investment in Makati as they rarely depreciate and are usually in demand.


This is the largest city in Metro Manila and it offers several residential and commercial investment opportunities. It has a growing number of commercial areas with shopping malls, entertainment venues, and a number of restaurants. It also has a variety of residential areas offering everything from affordable properties for let to high-end gated neighborhoods. This area has good economic growth potential without the congestion of Manila.


This city is considered to be another good area for making investments in condominiums. Many investment experts believe Pasay is a good place to buy into because it has some of the most modern business, residential, and recreational areas in the country. A good way to begin looking for investment opportunities in Pasay is to go online to search the website of Dot Property Philippines.


Known as the “Emerald City of the Philippines”, Muntinlupa strives to be the industrial hub of the country. It has grown quickly due to the development boom in the area. It is a highly urbanized and industrialized area, but it is also one of the most eco-friendly cities in the Philippines. Luxury condominiums are popular throughout the area and there are several commercial ventures available to investors as well.

If you want to invest in real estate in Asia, the Philippines is considered one of the best places to put your money. It continues to grow economically and provides many commercial and residential investment opportunities.

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