Food Experiences in Paris

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Paris is a city renowned for its romantic atmosphere, charming architecture, and world-class food experiences. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to the City of Lights, taking part in some of these food experiences should be at the top of your itinerary. Pencil in the following delicious meal ideas to take full advantage of Paris’s unparalleled cuisine.

Channel Your Inner Chef at Cook’n With Class

Live your dream of cooking with the masters by enrolling in a Cook’n With Class session. You’ll begin your culinary journey at the local food market, where your tutor chef will help you pick out fresh ingredients for your meal. Then, you’ll head back to a modern kitchen where you’ll start prepping your way to a delicious multi-course meal. Each class is limited to six to eight people to keep the setting small and intimate.

Classes range between 109-to-195 euros, but can you really put a price on the experience of a lifetime?

Enjoy Dinner at L’Astrance

Choosing what to eat in Paris is hard, as most menus will be in French. Even if you’re familiar with this language, you still might have trouble narrowing down the tastiest bites for your meal. That’s why dining at L’Astrance is the best way to end a perfect┬áday in Paris. Each nightly menu is handcrafted by Chef Pascal Barbot for the optimum combination of flavor and texture. Instead of ordering separate dishes, you just need to sit down and let your eyes and tongue marvel at each new course that arrives to your table.

These set menus also come with complimentary wine pairings that bring out additional flavors in each dish. Since the menu changes each day, you could even make multiple stops here during your trip.

Sample Cheeses at Astier

Image via Flickr by William Lachance

Restaurant Astier is a great place to catch a meal, as it has been a highlight of the Paris community since 1956. Today, it’s managed by Cyril Boulet and Mathieu Le Tirrand, who put together scintillating food combinations that challenge the depth of French cuisine. That being said, what the restaurant is most known for is its giant cheese platter that comes at the end of your meal.

This massive cheese tasting extravaganza comes loaded with over a dozen different types of cheese, from Basque sheep’s milk cheese to Salers. It’s enough to feed the entire table, plus some.

Grab Dessert at Full Moon Creperie

If you still have any room left during your binge eating experiences, you have to stop by Full Moon Creperie for a little dessert. This secret, sweet oasis is hidden on the ground floor of the Chalet Society gallery, meaning it’s often overlooked by tourists. However, locals flock to this delectable hotspot to grab up a mix of savory and sweet crepes at bargain prices. If you’re feeling bogged down by croissants and other pastries, the lightness of an after-dinner crepe is sure to do your soul good.

The best part about a trip to Paris is that you really can’t go wrong with your food options. Whichever culinary experiences you opt to enjoy, you’re sure to please your belly.

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