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It is best to find out how well your poker strategy holds up before taking a trip to America’s gambling capital: Las Vegas.

No poker table in Vegas has met its match and it’s not like you’re the first man or woman to try to tame the tables. Still – with a sound a strategy, you can prolong your survival at the table and extend the endurance of your wallet.

So how can you make the most of your next Vegas trip, financially and otherwise? Here are just a few tips.

Research Rates

While having fun is one of the more important things on your mind while wandering the streets of Las Vegas, ensuring that you don’t overspend should really be another. One way to keep yourself from overspending is to find the right travel tips and ways to save money before your trip to Vegas. To diminish your travel costs for airline or bus tickets or even gas money to get out west to Las Vegas, you should visit a few well established and reputable travel sites for ideas to save money.

Vegas isn’t a cheap destination to travel to – depending where you may live, it can cost you a lot of money to buy a plane ticket. Aim to find airfare deals, adjust your trip to an off-peak travel time of the year, or stay at an affordable hotel that may be off the strip. These are some ways to not only save you money on your trip, but ways to give you extra money that may not have been budgeted for the trip in the beginning.

One underutilized option to keep travel expenses at bay is to find discounts through your employer. Companies sometimes offer travel discounts as well as memberships that you may have through varied entities, such as Triple A or a social club.

Consider Off-Peak Times

There are also always deals unique to each hotel, you just need to call or look on the hotel website. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino can go for as little as $40 a night and the always popular Caesars Palace can be just a little over $100 a night during an off-peak time of the year.

Other popular hotels, such as the Luxar, the Bellagio, and the Red Rock Casino and Resort are all affordable if you travel during the right time of year and book far enough ahead of time.

Know Your Role

Before you go, it’s smart to know some things about yourself and the way you play poker. Do you take too much risk? What’s your poker personality?  Do you not take enough risks while at the table? What’s the specific game that best fits your personality? Is it Texas Hold ‘Em? Omaha Hi Lo? A niche version of poker? These are all good questions to ask before sitting down for a game of poker in Vegas, at home with a group of friends, or in front of your computer to compete with strangers.

Traveling to Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are affordable options available to you, it is just a matter of researching to find them. Once you’ve arrived in Sin City, it’s the poker table, slot machines, sports book, and other games are what pose a threat to the health of your checking account.

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