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Many people use public transport wherever they can because they love it. This mode of transport enables them to do whatever they want such as reading or sleeping. More importantly, it is faster and cheaper. However, it does not suit everyone and some people may not be able to use other modes of transport in their areas of residence because it is not practical for them to do so. However, if you can access this mode of transport, you can save a lot of money by following a few simple tips as follows:


1) Use trains or buses instead of flying

As compared to flying, taking trains or buses is slower but it can help you to save a lot of money. More importantly, it allows you to see more of the destination where you are going for your holiday and its surrounding countryside. However, if you are going to the US for your holiday, then you have no choice but to fly. In this case, you should buy your tickets in bulk because this is more economical as compared to buying one ticket at a time. In addition, in order for you to reduce your travel expenses when you plan to fly to the US, you should ensure that you engage a cheaper ESTA application service.

2) Travel at off peak hours

As compared to peak travel, traveling during off peak hours is cheaper and hence, you should consider it if it is possible.

3) Buy tickets for your zone

Make sure that you incur expenses only for the zones that you use by buying tickets exclusively for these zones.

4) Take advantage of your employer discounts

Many government departments and private employers offer discounts on annual tickets for public transport. You should therefore check with the Human Resource department of your organization to see if discounts are available.

You can reduce your travel expenses by following the aforementioned tips. They have proven effective for many people and they can work for you as well. However, since entertainment is also an important part of your life, you should also follow a few simple tips in order to reduce the expenses that you incur when you entertain yourself.

1) You should borrow books from your local library when you are tempted to buy them online. The librarian in this library can borrow the books that you need from other libraries if it does not have them.

2) When it comes to DVDs, most libraries have a wide selection and they offer the service at no charge. Hence, you should borrow these DVDs from them instead of buying them.

3) A barbecue allows you to enjoy food and nature simultaneously. Hence, you should hold it instead of going to a restaurant to eat.

4) As compared to other entertainment events , which cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to organize, a potluck supper is very cheap because all it requires is a salad and for you to make a few phone calls. Hence, you should consider holding it.

The aforementioned Tips to abate travel and Entertainment Expenses are not only easy to follow but they also offer some benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Hence, you should start following them immediately.

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