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Are you looking for the best place who offers the best food with an amazing ambiance? Zinfandel Grille Banquets is one of the most recommended places in Sacramento, CA. Here, you can discover their menu if you want to indulge in the best food. They are serving only the best dishes where they specialize in homemade pasta with fresh seafood.

If you want to shy away from your busy life and enjoy private dining, they certainly have private dining rooms for you. You can dine alone or with your partner, or you can bring more people of up to 65 guests on their exclusive banquets that would be perfect for family gatherings or special events.

What is Zinfandel Grille?

Zinfandel Grille is one of the best American Restaurants located in Sacramento. One of the reasons why people keep coming back is because of their homemade pasta, their fresh seafood, and also their daily specials. They are open for lunch and dinner and even have a full bar with happy hour. Zinfandel Grille also offers private dining room for special occasions, an outdoor patio, and also a live jazz Friday and Saturday nights. For reservations, you can always visit

The Menu – What Makes it So Special?

If you are looking for good food, visit Zinfandel Grille and indulge in the best food that you can ever imagine. They have seasonally inspired dishes that would definitely satisfy your palate. As mentioned above, Zinfandel Grille serves the best pasta dishes, fresh seafood and daily specials that you can only experience in this world-class restaurant.

The Private Dining and Events

With Zinfandel Grille Banquets, you can celebrate any event in their private rooms or bring your guests and enjoy their banquet rooms.

  • The Private Z Room. the “Z-Room” of Zinfandel Grille is the best place to host special or business events. They feature a three-sided fireplace, the best sound system with DVD player, and also 50-inch plasma TV that is media ready. This can seat accommodate up to 65 guests. The tables can be configured easily into banquet style or maybe in rows that would be perfect for conferences or meetings.
  • The Wine Room. This is a semi-private room where it can accommodate up to 100 guests. This is perfect if you are hosting family events, birthdays, baby showers, wedding receptions, holiday parties, and so much more.
  • The Outdoor Patio. Zinfandel Grille Patio can also be observed if you are hosting private dining events. This is the best option for an outdoor mean, especially in spring and summer.

Why Choose Zinfandel Grille?

If you are from Sacramento, you have a lot of options when it comes to places where you can enjoy private dinners or maybe host a large event. But through the years, Zinfandel Grille has proven that they are the best choice for these occasions. From the positive feedback and comments about the place, you will surely enjoy an experience of a lifetime with their best service, best food, and the best ambiance.

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