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Do you need a business hotel near i city shah Alam Malaysia? Then Concorde Hotel is your best bet. This hotel has a lot working for it, and a trial will convince you about the quality of the services being offered here.  The hotel is internationally recognized and remains the first choice for many individuals visiting this country for business or other purposes. It is located in Shaha, Alam, Selangor, Malaysia and stands out as one of the best in this location

Affordable services

At first sight, the Concorde Hotel looks expensive, and a new client may think it is unaffordable. However, further inquiry will prove you wrong.  You can carry out your research about this hotel on online portals like Expedia, Agoda, trivago, and web; they will all attest to its unbelievable affordability.  The client will always get more than their money worth in this hotel.

Available facilities

Some of the facilities available in this hotel are described below:

  •    Alamni spa
  •    Shopping arcade
  •    Fitness center
  •    Concierge
  •    Business center
  •    Complimentary shuttle  services
  •    Conference halls
  •    Meeting rooms of varying capacities.
  •    And lots more

The hotel has all the essential facilities to make your stay here heavenly and pleasurable. All the facilities are available at highly affordable prices so that you will not break a bank to enjoy all the facilities here.

Furthermore, the rooms are modern and beautifully decorated. Everything you can ever expect in a business hotel is available here.

Available rooms

The classes of rooms available at Concorde Hotel are:

  •    Deluxe room
  •    Premier room
  •    Premier suite
  •    Deluxe executive room
  •    Premier executive room

Exemplary customer service

If you are looking for the business hotel near i city shah alam malaysia regarding customer service, then, Concorde Hotel is the best to consider. The quality of customer services offered here is the model every service provider should adopt; it is exemplary to say the fact.  You can reach them via several means, including email, live chat, and phone call. Their customer care agents have all the answers at their fingertips and are ready to respond to your queries and provide helpful responses any time you get across to them. They also do not delay in replying to your messages.

Top line offers

The customer will have access to great offers at Concorde Hotel for the duration of his stay here. You stand a better chance of enjoying great offers if you book directly from their website.

Some of the available deals are:

  •    Book direct exclusive
  •    June Bento Set Promotion  
  •    Concorde Deals
  •    Innovation Hazelnut cake
  •    Syawal special

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