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Goa – the mere name conjures a happy picture of family and friends coming together, dances, beaches, delicious cuisine and the peaceful sunset. While Goa is all about relaxing and unwinding, we give you three epic ways to chill in Goa.

  • At the beach!

And that goes without saying. To hit the beach when in Goa is a must-do. There are shacks that offer you accommodations for the entire day and you unwind on the beach. You can also, read a book and indulge in some authentic Goan cuisine.

  • At the street side cafes:

Another great way to chill in Goa is the street side cafes that offer you great drinks, food and music. With a good company, these cafes can give you memories that will last a lifetime. The ambience of each of these cafes is lively and you have to liberty to mingle around with people. These cafes service delicious continental and Goan cuisines that are both palatable and satisfies the soul.

  • Five-star hotels:

A rising trend in Goa is the five-star hotels that have paved way for international cuisines and cultures to mix with the one that Goa offers. The 5-star hotels in Goa offer excellent atmosphere to for families to come together and for friends to reunite. These five-star hotels in Goa offer excellent services and facilities that are bound to make your stay a memorable one. They also organize and plan various activities tours for you on your request. The rooms these five-star hotels in Goais specifically designed to ensure that the guests have a comfortable stay while there.

Apart from this, Goa offers you a plethora of activities that are altered carefully for family, friends and couples. For the longest time, Goa has been a central attraction for destination weddings in India too. The five-star hotels in Goa also help to plan weddings and various celebrations for their guests.

Goa also has Jazz pubs which offer excellent ambience for all music lovers. Last, but, not the least, do not miss out on the sing-along sessions that take place near the shacks every evening.

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