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They say that Malaysia has everything for everyone. But most people beg to disagree since if you think about Kuala Lumpur, it’s not exactly a place for people to seek rest and relaxation. It’s for the people that are fun loving, people that wants fun and loves to party. But before you even dismiss Malaysia, you should at least give it a chance, you see the claims were actually true that Malaysia has indeed a little bit of something for everybody, you just need to know where to look.

This is where Penang comes into the picture. Penang’s capital is Georgetown and it has been well known to be the subtle side of Malaysia. Its known for its sights, art, sea, and view. Its the perfect place for people looking for a place to relax and recharge. But before you even dive in and finalize your itinerary, below are a few things that you should take note of when visiting Georgetown.

Georgetown is a place or art: What made Georgetown very special was its art. If you somewhat get lost in their narrow lanes in the colonial-era capital you will see very interesting murals around the old British fort. This place is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site and pretty interesting to incorporate in your photos.

The people in Malaysia isn’t necessarily Malays: The information isn’t really just about Georgetown but Malaysia as a whole. You need to know about this not because its good to know but also to avoid offending people when being asked. The fact is, not all people in Malaysia and Malays. Although Malays are the dominant ethnicity they aren’t the exclusive ethnic groups in the land, other ethnic groups are (in no particular order):

  • Chinese Malaysians
  • Indian Malaysians
  • Non-Malay Bumiputera and Other Indigenous Groups
  • Other Groups

Plan your trip: Smart traveler knows the best time to visit Georgetown or Penang in general is when Penang celebrates Diwali, the Chinese Nine Emperor Gods Festival, Muharram and the Islamic New Year. The not so good time is when Penang gets crowded and that’s in July when the Hari Raya is in place. If you want to enjoy Penang and get more out of your trip, be conscious about the special days so that you will know what are the best days to go to Penang and when are the days to avoid going there.

Get a prepaid data plan: There is one downside in going to Penang and that’s a bad WiFi connection. This hasn’t been addressed (sadly) and if you’re a traveler that has been heavily relying on GPS and Maps to wiggle your way on your trips, there is a higher chance in getting lost if you stick with the WiFi that Georgetown is offering. Just to be safe, get a prepaid one instead for consistent internet connection all the time.

Malaysia has indeed something for everyone, if you’re looking for a travel destination where you can relax, recharge and still have a really good time, Georgetown, the capital of Penang is the perfect place. Its rich history, scenic spots, murals, see, people and food will make you feel at home. But before that, you need to find a good hotel first that will complement your experience. There is actually a good Georgetown hotel in Penang that is highly recommended. If you wish to know what that hotel is, click the hyperlink to find out.

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