Turkey hotels offer value for money on holiday

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Turkey – the land of mystery and promise – offers a diverse blend of attractions, from its inspiring landscapes to its ancient history and culture. Fortunately, UK tourists can enjoy favourable prices at the moment as well, particularly when compared with other European destinations. Having been voted as one of Europe’s ‘best buys’ by various holiday charts throughout 2009, Turkey is proving to be a shrewd choice and this is partly due to its currency. The country still has a number of years before it can join the EU and start thinking about swapping its Lira for the Euro. Until then, visitors can enjoy a favourable return on their money alongside some great deals on Turkey hotels.Turkey hotels offer value for money on holiday

Following the changing fortunes of the Pound against the Euro, some travellers were forced to look elsewhere for a good value holiday. Turkey has become a serious contender as an alternative to traditional European destinations, with its favourable exchange rates of around 2.4 Turkish Lira to the Pound. The country benefits from all the advantage of its European neighbours, such as weather, activities and culture, but at a better price when you’re there.

Popular places to spend your new found wealth include the town of Bodrum on the west coast, which offers a heady mix of old fashioned charm and modern sophistication. For a great investment of both time and money, a trip to the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is well worth a visit. A bit further south, in Antalya, you can see some of the ocean’s treasures for yourself when you take a scuba diving course. The region also benefits from a good supply of high quality cheap Turkey hotels, with all inclusive resorts available for incredible prices. Meanwhile, the Dalaman region is a good choice if you want to save a bit of money by sampling a diverse range of Turkey’s delights all in one place. Again, there are plenty of reasonably priced Turkey hotels on offer, suitable for families, couples or groups of friends.

Of course, there’s no doubt that some of the best things to do in Turkey are free. Whether walking around it’s towns, hiking through its mountains or relaxing on its beaches, Turkey’s most exquisite offerings are in fact priceless.

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