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Cycling is active travel, which has been in use since long back. Public bike concept is successfully implemented in various countries around the world. The boom in cycling does not end here, there are many brave people who set out to travel on the back of their bicycle, they are known as cyclists. However, it is important to get in touch with a professional cycling coach to know everything important before you plan to enjoy the world.

Let’s consider some best places in the world to pedal while enjoying the landscape.


Barcelona is a place that cyclist’s fall in love with. In Barcelona, you can take a pleasant walk on two wheels through the centre and go past the cathedral, the beach and the marina, or go out in search of challenges. Leave the bustle of the city behind and go up to the Sierra de Collserola Natural Park, a very picturesque place not far from the city.


Chile is the country of adventure, so there is no way that it is not included in the top cycling destination list. The most popular route is one that connects the towns of Puerto Montt with Villa O’Higgins and that runs along the famous Carretera Austral. 1,300 kilometres along a gravel track that runs through forests, mountains, rivers and glaciers. In this route, the effort of pedalling will not be the only thing that will leave you breathless.


Namibia- A famous Southern Africa Country which is in the top list of brave cyclists. In Namibia, we can pedal through deserts, mountains, spectacular beaches and gigantic dunes like those of Sossusvlei. All this adventure with the additional benefit of being able to observe varied wild fauna and be able to beat your speed record if a lion chases you. Isn’t it adventurous?

Karakoram Highway

The world’s highest paved international road is a challenge for any bicycle enthusiast. Its 1,200 kilometres connect China with Pakistan through the Karakoram mountain chain. It is a dream destination even for the most experienced rider. It’s incredible scenery and views double your pedal satisfaction.


Amsterdam Forest is a great option if you are looking for cycling routes around the Dutch capital. It is a huge park with bike lanes that pass through an interactive zoo and a beautiful lake with boats. But there are many other alternatives, such as cycling routes through the countryside or by the windmills of the 17th century.

These five destinations have their own uniqueness so choose your destination wisely as per your choice.

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