Camping Spots in Australia

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Camping is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family in spring. While enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors in perfect weather, you also get to bond with your kids and teach them basic survival skills which include coexisting with other living things. You get to make them realise how truly beautiful the world is, and that there is life thriving outside tall buildings and busy streets.

Before anything else, remember to take out that list of things to bring with you to ensure that your camping experience has the basic comforts of home. Other than the right clothes, first aid, gears, and gadgets that can help you in your exploration, take with you one of those portable solar panels for camping to ensure that your life-saving gadgets – including those for communication – are kept running.

So where to camp? Australia is the perfect family getaway as it has lots of amazing spots for outdoor adventures that are worth sharing or at least documenting. Here are some of those perfect places for your family camping:

  1. Stargaze With Your Family in Ormiston Gorge

This place has the clearest sky in the country at night, which is perfect for stargazing. Located in West MacDonnell National Park, NT, the place is easy to access, has a café that serves great coffee for the adults, toilets, food that is much like what you’d find in any café in the city, and a paved pathway that leads to nice views from the lookout. You can also take a dip in a water hole that will just take you 5 minutes of walking to get to.

  1. Experience the Traditional Ways of Iga Warta Aborigines

Located in Northern Flinders Ranges, SA, you can take your family to go on a bush tucker or a medicine tour in Iga Warta. You can sample a selection of edible plants, and there are aboriginal paintings you can buy. Your kids will surely get to learn new things while enjoying their cheap yet delicious ice creams.

  1. Witness The Incredible Avian World in Lake Eyre National Park

This largest lake in Australia is a protected area located 697 km north of Adelaide. It is home to colonies of migratory water birds, thus perfect for bird watching with your kids. Be one with the stark wilderness at 12 m below sea level.

  1. Sun, Sand & Surf in Lucky Bay

Your family will get to enjoy the beautiful coast line, sparkling azure waters and great walking trails leading to wild coastal scenery of various birds, butterflies, kangaroos and lizards. Your kids will love the white and soft sand of the beaches on this Cape Le Grand National Park, WA-based camping spot.

These are just some of the many choices you can sink your teeth into while planning that perfect spring camping trip with your family. These are ideal choices you can consider while on the search for your perfect camping spot will surely not disappoint.

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