Hong Kong

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You’ve decided to visit Hong Kong but you aren’t sure on where to stay. It can be a daunting process of finding somewhere suitable for your business trip or holiday but we’ll go through the options to help guide you in your decision.

The biggest stumbling block may be the cost with even the most basic accommodation costing the equivalent of $50 USD for a single night. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider alternatives as well as the traditional hotel.

Chain Hotels

Starting with the obvious, a hotel is going to be the most straightforward booking option. There are many different hotels in Hong Kong so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that is in a suitable location. They vary from a basic room with the standard amenities to world class resorts with rooftop pools and multiple restaurants.

All of them can be booked online through a price comparison website or by going direct and booking through the hotel’s own website. Large chain hotels are likely to be the priciest option.

Independent Hotels

Similar to the large established hotel chains, smaller independent hotels offer another great option without sacrificing on features. You can usually find some of the best deals available with these establishments and you may be surprised to the find the same or better quality of service at a lower price. They will all have their own website and can usually be found on all of the well known holiday accommodation booking sites.

B&Bs and Hostels

Further down the list are your low budget locations which seek to reduce the level of amenities provided to reduce their costs. A B&B will provide you with your own room and bathroom as well as the option of on site meals if you wish. If you’re a solo traveller, hostels are a great option for meeting new people if you don’t mind sharing a room.

Either book in advance, or if you’re feeling adventurous, visit a few locations on arrival and see if you’re able to haggle with the owners. We can’t guarantee anything but depending on your needs you may be offered a bespoke solution.


If you aren’t willing to give up the creature comforts of home life then renting a private apartment or house might be for you. You have the option of staying in a room within the owner’s property or you could opt to rent an entire house or apartment. The best part is that you’ll have access to a kitchen giving you the ability to cook your own meals instead of having to eat out for food. The price of private rented accommodation will vary depending on area as well as the size and quality of where you’re looking to stay.

As well as AirBnB there are a number of other similar businesses that provide a way for home owners to offer short term lets to guests so be sure to check those out as many owners will only advertise on one platform.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough to help you in your decision. We’re sure you’ll enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer.

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