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As much as people claim to have become civilized and left traditions in many aspects of life, marriage ceremonies still respect traditions from across the world. Traditional religious vows still dominate in all different cultures, and people are happy with them. Before the wedding planners from finalize your wedding plans, they will ask for your wedding vows you will use for the wedding. For your knowledge, below are the popular traditional religious vows from across the world.

Traditional Catholic Wedding Vows

Being the largest Christian religious denomination, they have always used their traditional wedding vows without skipping a word. In addition, they have also always performed the original wedding mass since the old times. The Catholic wedding vows focus on promising your partner that you will be with them in bad and good times. They also promise to love and honor their partner and that only death can separate the two.

Traditional Orthodox Wedding Vows

The Orthodoxwedding vows are not spoken or acted either. According to this faith, both partners get a moment of silence and offer a prayer for each other. No one knows what they pray, but it is believed and expected that they will pray for commitment to each other. However, the Orthodox in Russia can opt for spoken vows that are recited openly.

Traditional Jewish Wedding Vows

The most important part of the wedding vows of all different types of Jewish groups are the actions that act as the vows. The bride waits for the groom to put a ring on her ring finger as a sign of sealing their marriage. Only a single line is recited in line with laws of Judaism. However, the couple can also opt to give their vows in words, which has been acceptable in Jewish weddings since the beginning.

Protestant Wedding Vows

As part of the Christian group, Protestant vows are not far from those of the Catholic group. Since there are many different types of Protestants, each denomination has their own traditional religious wedding vows with small differences. They are all based on Biblical teachings of loving one another until death separates them. Just like all other vows, the persons reciting insert their names and that of their partners at the appropriate line.

Traditional Hindu Wedding Vows

Those who have been to a Hindu wedding will agree that it is a long ceremony. Their vows include the seven steps, which must be recited. The presence of a flame shows the presence of Agni, the god of fire. The steps cover various commitments that the couple must take and uphold for the rest of their lives.

Traditional Muslim Wedding Vows

Instead of reciting vows, the imam who is presiding over the ceremony gives the couple advice on marriage while they listen. They are expected to heed these guidelines, which seem to all be equally important. Later, the couple will agree to be partners in marriage. For those who want to recite a vow, they can do so and must vow to be committed to each other as per the Quran and the teachings of Mohamed.

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