STB Woos Travellers From China Via Alitrip

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Where is the next place you want to go on vacation?  If you are Chinese, then the answer might just be Singapore.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been working to draw in tourists from its second largest tourism country, China.  Taking a look at the stats, it is easy to see why.  In 2014 alone, 63% of Chinese visitors going to Singapore were considered independent travellers.  Typically with more money to spend and keen on creating a unique vacation experience, these travelers are best served when a supporting infrastructure is in place.  While there was a drop in 2014, it has steadily come back in the last two years, reaching 1.8 million in 2016.

STB Woos Travellers From China Via Alitrip

Having already made inroads with tourism through its primary market in Indonesia, STB is stressing the value of Singapore to a Chinese market.  This is done through showcasing things like tourism resources like hotels, restaurants, and attractions while also providing direct assistance to tourists visiting the country.

The majority of these valuable deals are coming through Alitrip, which is formally known as Taobao travel and a part of the Alibaba group.  Other outreach includes offering dining and shopping promotions through things like coupons and discount cards to areas throughout the city.  In addition, companies in Singapore have already jumped aboard, offering deals to Chinese tourists.  Some of the participating companies include Six Stars Tours and Services as well as Ascott Resorts World Sentosa.

Targeting The Right Audience

The STB has done significant research on Chinese tourists to see what they want out of a Singapore experience.  The research sheds light on a discerning and intelligent target audience that looks for experiences that are more than just surface level.  STB has determined that remaining an appealing destination for future Chinese tourists will require providing the intellectual and in-depth experiences that they are searching for when they come to the city.

A Move Towards Better Vacations

Singapore has a great deal to gain with free travel between China and Singapore.  Aiding this, it is expected that free and independent travel may become a thing in the future.  A great deal of work is being done jointly between the Alibaba group and STB to offer deals that take care of all aspects of travel and commuting.  Singapore and China area already tied together in many economic and cultural ways.  Increasingly seen as a primary tourism destination, Singapore is fast becoming a home away from home for those Chinese tourists looking for excitement and sophisticated experiences.

Taking The Next Step

Taking the next step in improving tourism between destinations, the STB and the Alibaba Group have taken steps to improve tourism from China to Singapore.  Seen as just the beginning, it is hoped that future investment in Chinese tourism will open up the market more, making Singapore a premier destination for those heading over from Eastern Asia.  If nothing else, it improves the relevance of Singapore to Chinese markets, improving awareness and expanding interest in a city that never ceases to be exciting.

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