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Preparation is essential before you go out for any expedition. When you are away from home for any adventure you need to do a lot of preparation. With the necessary equipment and tools you can enjoy the trip without any hassle. Your camping checklist may vary according to your place, time of the year, duration, and activity but followings are the essential items that you always have to carry wherever you go for camping.

Proper shelter: This is something that can’t forget to carry specially when you are going for a camp. People normally live in a tent to experience the thrill at night but it is better if you carry a sleeping bag with you for safety and comfort. It’s easy to carry, to slip into and rest.  It will work as a blanket and a mattress at the same time.

Utensils: There are some basic utensils that everyone carries for any such adventure trips. A cup, jug, thermos, plate, measuring cups are a few items that you must include in your rucksack. A renowned adventure lover, William Schoellkopf often heads for camping and he arranges it for the youngsters. He also suggests them to carry these items.

Clothes: What kind of clothes you have to carry depends on the location and the season of the year. If it is winter you have to pack woolen items adequately and don’t forget to carry a windcheater which you can use if it rains and it also offers protection from the biting winds.

Toiletries: Although there’s no point carrying a lot of fancy goods but a few things you have to pick for camping. Toilet paper, towel, brush, deodorant, razor, and comb are some items that you can’t miss out.

First-aid kit: The most important thing that everyone must carry is a first-aid kit. According to William Schoellkopf, wherever you go you must carry a handy kit with you.  Band-aid, cotton ball, antiseptic, few medicines, sprain relief spray, and some medicated lotion to cure allergy are a few items in his checklist. For hygiene purpose he recommends hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

Miscellaneous items: Camping is definitely not a day affair like picnic so you need a lot of things to carry. Shades, tissue, map, flashlights, lantern, hammock, battery, umbrella, watch, and rope are few things that usually come handy in many ways.

So this time if you are going out for camp, don’t forget to bring them all. You may not have to use all the above items but it’s better to get prepared for any situation. People go there to stay close to nature leaving all the comforts at home. Students also can participate in camping and many times schools organize it for their recreation and fun. There’s no harm sending your daughter or son in a group for camping. It will rather make them independent and brave. It will be a good outing for them. Camping is very refreshing for the adults who are tired of their monotonous life.

William Schoellkopf arranges camps for the children and he takes proper care of everything. He is an experienced adventure lover and he ensures proper safety and recreation for the children in camps.

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