Romance in Delhi this Weekend at These Top Three Pickup Spots

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Every now and then, a taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi can be easily spotted on the highway to Delhi. The capital city is often trotted by the people from all nearby cities, to delve into the heart of Dilli, explore its famous places to visit, monuments to cherish the heritage India, shop their hearts out, across all the famous markets and streets, and gorge on delicious lip-smacking dishes available at every nook and corner of its landscape.

Well, who knew Delhi could be famous for romance? Yes, romance in Delhi can be a great idea! So, this time visit Delhi to bloom the love and joy of your life with your partner and have a memorable weekend trip to cherish till eternity. Grab the next taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi or any other nearby city, and make way to Delhi for a rejuvenating experience.

Here is a list of some of the most romantic places, for all the lovey doveys out there.

Romance in Delhi this Weekend at These Top Three Pickup Spots

Garden of Five Senses

Visit the exquisite Garden of Five Senses, located at Said-Ul-Azaib village for a perfect date with your lover. The garden is basked in immense verdant greenery, and there are tracks for you to wander hand-in-hand with your partner. What could be more romantic than this! At night, the entire aura vivifies with enchanting lamps and lights, which nestle the tracks and show your way to the park. Sometimes, there are also rock bands and concerts from foreign countries, and if lucky, you might catch one. The dine-in facility is excellent here, with a plethora of restaurants in and around the surrounding areas. So, have a romantic time.

Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU

If you wish to seek complete isolation from the bustle of the world, then Parthasarathy Rocks is the place for you. Visit here for an out of the world experience, set amidst myriads of rocks, mountain like structures, and thicket of trees. The entire aura is so tranquil and mystifying, that you will never wish to come out of there. Soak yourself in the pleasantest of the surroundings and shout your hearts out, with the name of your lover echoing in the rocky area of Parthasarathy Rocks.

Deer Park, Hauz Khas

Another interesting place to visit in Delhi with your partner is the Deer Park at Hauz Khas Village, a top pick of every Delhi travel guide. You can get the most refreshing and rejuvenating time with your partner, sitting in the lap of nature, amidst the serene greenery, lakes and animals.

A complete blend of flora and fauna is offered here, and one gets to bask in the best aura for a tranquilizing experience. The place is marvellous for photography too. The best thing about the place is that, stepping out of the park will lead you to the best cafes and restaurants of Delhi, and you can party your hearts out, shake a leg, or sing Karaoke with your partner, at these sassy cafes. Get social, mingling with the best of the crowd of Delhi, and elate yourself to the utmost.

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