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Blawan waterfall Bondowosois an incredible waterfall in East Java. In this area, you are pleased with water falling down from the height of 30 metres and rumbling as it reaches the bottom. This water comes from Banyuapit River together with the drips of Ijen Crater Lake. This waterfall blows you away its unique water colour. The yellowish of this water is caused by sulfuric compound carried from Ijen Crater. You will smell something sulfuric too since it indeed contains sulfuric compound. Because of the water comes from volcanic mountain, the water brings some high temperature and creates foggy effect as it kisses the centre of the earth.The water will continue to flow across Asembagus, Situbondo and end up to Java Sea. Blawan waterfall is also surrounded by lush green canyon that makes it look more majestic. This echo from huge water debit gives you the feel like you are alone so you can finally feel you are your own. This refreshing water will rejuvenate your mind so you will have the brand new you.

Blawan waterfall Bondowosois located in Kalianyar Village, Sempol, Bondowoso City, East Java. This swanky waterfall is positioned in 52 kilometres from the heart of Bondowoso City. You can reach this wonderful waterfall by car, local bus, or motorcycle. If you take the local bus, so you have to departure from Bondowoso City to Sempol. After you are arrived in Sempol, you should continue your ride with motorcycle taxi or ojek toward the location, PTPN XII. On the way to reach the location, you will be indulged with the beautiful panorama of tea and coffee beans farm on your left and right side. You can also easily breathe the fresh air that contains less pollution. To enter this site, you will have to pay as much as Rp5.000 on the ticketing window. From the entrance to the sulfuric waterfall, you will meet a challenging route. You have to go up and down crossing the cliff before enjoying the magnificent waterfall. The route allows you to gaze its prettiness from the green canyon. The peacefulness of Blawan waterfall permits you to take a deep breath and renew your inner figure.

Nearby Blawan waterfall Bondowoso, there are other destinations in Blawan that as great as its waterfall. DamarWulan hot spring offers you some mythological vibes. This hot spring is situated close to Blawan waterfall. This hot spring is the place where the legendary hero of Majapahit washes his face and cleans his body. Local people belief that if you wash your face using the DamarWulan hot spring’s water, you will look younger and protect yourself from getting older appearance! Besides the hot spring, you can also release your wanderlust with trekking to GuaKapur or Kapur Cave. GuaKapur is sited around 75 metres from the waterfall. This cave proposes an exciting experience with tranquil atmosphere. If you do not feel like to burst some sweats again, perhaps you should visit to KalisatJampit strawberry farm. This farm is located as far as 20 minutes from the waterfall.

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