Portable wifi device for your travel

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Planning to travel to Italy?

– Solo?
– With a group of friends?
– A honeymoon trip?
– A business assignment?

Travel should be care-free and fun. But since staying connected 24/7 has become an indispensable part and parcel of our lives – we are often bogged down by problems which should not affect our plan.

One of them if you travelling solo is how do you let your anxious family back home know that you have reached Italy safely? From this simple chore, you can extrapolate more fundamental issues which spiral into distressing situation for the weary traveler:

1. Has any urgent work cropped up?

2. Is there any unavoidable situation back home for which you need to be informed?

3. Are the kids at all alright?

4. Is the garden being watered every day?

5. How are things back home?

Anxiety can create a chain reaction of innumerable problems in your travel itinerary – you will be in Italy but you will never actually be in Italy. 

These are simple anxiety issues which can be controlled to an extent – but what about the basic necessity i.e. internet, what about staying connected for work back home, what about being able to inform your relatives back home that you are safe and having fun, what about sending beautiful snap shots of the sunset in Venice, what about uploading your stories on Instagram and Facebook. 

Let’s face it- social media cannot be ignored – you as a matter of fact carry it along with your luggage. Wherever you go, social media follows you and it is a fact that you would want to stay connected. 

And then what about those brilliant maps that can help you navigate every nook and corner of Italy – you do not want to lose your valuable time by following wrong directions. 

ExpressoWiFi is at your service to let you have the fun – by taking complete care of your connectivity problems in a foreign land – Italy – be it staying connected for navigation, business, family or social media. 

So how does ExpressoWiFi work?

The first thing that you will notice when you visit their website is their “at your service” chat option – your very own digital assistant – Soapy. You can interact with Soapy and get almost all your queries answered as to how their rent portal works. ExpressoWiFi is extremely simple to use.

You first will have to book it online. The payment can be done by VISA/Mastercard.

While booking, you will get to select as to where you want the WiFi device

The pick-up is facilitated by ExpressoWiFi and you can pick it up from wherever you choose to – be it your hotel reception desk or at the airport

Returning it is also simple and is arranged for by ExpressoWiFi

There are numerous ExpressoWiFi points where you can conveniently return the device. You can also return it at the airport. There is a courier service option available at your disposal too.

ExpressoWiFi’s USP is the fact that they have an all-round solution to your connectivity problems – right from the delivery to a convenient pick up of the device, ExpressoWiFi has every arrangement already made for you. 

Why choose ExpressoWiFi?

ExpressoWiFi portable wifi device is all about a high quality internet service your convenience. The company provides great internet coverage which works in every nook and corner of Italy. Their 4G/LTE service is known for its high speed and signal strength. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket by choosing to use your phone on international roaming. 

And it doesn’t only think in terms of travel as solo – ExpressoWiFi understands how various customers travel on a holiday and hence with the device, you will be able to connect up to 10 different devices at the same time. 

You will experience no lag in video calls be it Skype or any other video calling service. You can instantly put up your stories online. Using Google Maps you can become your own guide and find out places to see and places to dine. You will have 24/7 access to your emails and can upload any file irrespective of its size. Now you must be wondering as to how all of this is possible with a limited internet service – Let me then tell you that ExpressoWiFi stands for unlimited internet connection at full 4G/LTE speeds of up to 70 mpbs

So, if you are travelling to Italy and want to stay connected, you do not have a better deal than ExpressoWiFi – Try to take the portable wifi device.

The booking cost is only 12 euros for 2 days. And enjoy your stay in Italy.

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