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A timeshare is often a better bet than a hotel room because it is a residential property. Condos, apartments, and houses have a homier feel, are larger, contain full amenities, and create a far more personalized experience. Many who have used them swear never to go back to traditional hotel stays. Not only can a timeshare give consumers more value, it is also valuable for the owner. This is why Resort Vacation International deals exclusively in timeshare properties.

What is Resort Vacation International

Resort Vacation International deals in property marketing. Its specialty is creating connections. Often times the hardest hurdle a timeshare owner has is alerting people to the presence of their property. As most are not experts in the realm of publicity they need a little help. Enter Resort Vacation International and their profitable marketing methods. It is their job to get the word out. They connect hundreds of timeshare owners with consumers looking for a unique experience. They advertise through direct mail, conventions, corporate and vacation publications, and travel agencies. RVI even works with vacation databases like Expedia, Trivago, and

Resort Vacation International extends the reach of a timeshare both domestically and internationally. Properties are marketed by their selling points, price, location, and customer satisfaction. They ensure that timeshare owners get the saturation they need, and provide consumers with choices fitting their budget. To clarify, Resort Vacation International does not sell or run timeshares, it is only in the business of marketing timeshares to a vast selection of consumers.

Consumer Journey

It is an easy process for a timeshare owner to connect with RVI. All they have to do is fill out an internet form and then they are contacted by a representative. A timeshare is a space in a vacation area that owners use only part of the time. Owners decorate the place, keep it up, and then rent it out for vacation stays. A timeshare can be formed out of any type of residential property, but to gain publication by RVI it has to meet certain qualifications. When the rep contacts the owners they are vetted with a series of qualification questions. If they meet those qualifications they are given a marketing contract. After that it takes a month to two months for offers to start rolling in. Resort Vacation International only takes care of the advertising section. It is up to the timeshare owners to provide customer satisfaction and gain better ratings.

Resort Vacation International tailors their advertising to the individual need of the timeshare owner. They do not charge appraisal fees, commission, or brokerage fees. Resort Vacation International will not stop until the property has been rented. Resort Vacation International usually advertises spaces for a week long rental, although different time periods can be specified. One thing is for sure, RVI will get a property seen, and will get a property rented. It is up to the timeshare owners to ensure the stay is pleasurable enough more people will want to come.

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