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Commonly pronounced as ESTA, Electronic system for travel authorisation is used to determine whether a particular person travelling to the US is eligible. This ESTA travel requirement is for the people of those countries, who are residents of ESTA member nations. However, one thing to note in here, you are required to file the ESTA application, only if you are travelling to the United States by sea or air, but not by land.

The process of ESTA registration is quite simplified, all you require is to visit the official website of the US department of travel authorisation. And, there look for the online form, this will hardly take three to five minutes, just your personal details are required.

Is it the only requirement to enter the territory of the US?

Well, by having the ESTA, you no longer require the US visa; however, you should belong to the ESTA member nation list. In addition, the custom department of the US is every right stop you to get into the territory of the United States of America, even if you have ESTA. However, this kind of hassle belongs to the rarest of rare category.

When is the right time to apply for ESTA?

It is believed that at least a week before, one should file the ESTA registration application. And, the authorisation should be done max two hours before boarding the flight. You should always get the print out of the online ESTA approval, even though the custom department has the database of the information. However, it may be required by the airline authorities. If you have any doubts about how to apply and what are personal details required, you can rope in an expert to guide through the entire process.

Important points about ESTA

  • Not every European country is listed in the ESTA waiver program, so for that reason, you are needed to find the name of your country in that list, which is available online.
  • If you thinking about having a long vacation in the US, more than three months, then you don’t need to file the ESTA application, it is only for a period of 90 days.
  • Before you go online for submitting the ESTA application, you got to make sure that you have a passport that is read by machine. The passport, which is machine readable, has two lines at the bottom, containing your personal information page.
  • In case, if it’s your first visit to the US, then you are required to answer a length of security questions at the airport. So, as a rule of thumb, reserve your airline ticket, don’t pay off the entire prices.
  • Once successfully submitting the ESTA application, you are provided with an application, which you need to keep safe. By this number, you quickly check the status of your application anytime & anywhere.

At the end of it all, don’t think or rethink, file your ESTA application today, if you considering having a short vacation or a family get together in the US.

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