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Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities of India and is a major tourist attraction. Though not liked much for humidity, it still is swarmed by a number of fun and work travelers throughout the year. It is the hub of culture, tradition, business and of course, natural beauty. People here are simple, a bit orthodox and like to maintain privacy. While visiting various places in Chennai, it is always better to have the first hand knowledge about the distance between tourists’ sites, fares etc. for convenient outing.

Hotel in Chennai

Proximity from Stations

Mostly, people alight at Chennai to continue their journey to reach other places like Madurai, etc. Also, they require some place which is more or less the focal point of the city. So, proximity from airport ad railway station is one of the criteria that helps decide a place to stay in Chennai. Not all people are comfortable staying at rest room in the railway station, so a decent hotel is their priority on reaching Chennai.

Services available

Everybody is a social media maniac these days. They want to click lots of picture of the every moment of the visit and post it on their accounts too as soon as possible. So, apart from impeccable room service, taxi service and good quality meals, people find the idea of free WI-FI at hotel quite interesting. In addition to this, those people who have to stay for long look for gym, leisure room and spa services too.

Arrangements for family stay

Due to close proximity to Tirupati Balaji, Chennai witnesses lots of tourists. People bring families to get the blessings of Lord Tirupati. This means they require rooms where extra mattresses are made available at low cost. Reasonably priced Chennai hotels are liked a lot by the people who travel with family to Chennai.

Sometimes, luxury is the criteria

Park Chennai, which is around 2 km close to US consulate; is a luxury hotel in Chennai with state-of-the-art amenities. Those people who put luxury and comfort over everything else love the hotels where a plethora of amenities and conveniences are provided. In addition to services mentioned above, you must look for:

  • well-designed rooms
  • lush interiors
  • picturesque views

So, next time when you plan a visit to Chennai, make a note of these things to look for before booking a room in hotel. It will surely help you have an awesome holiday fun.

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