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Thailand’s travel routes are vast and extensive. You require the most efficient mode of transport to get around Thailand. Getting around is efficient and inexpensive. The transport system in Thailand is speedy. The transport infrastructure is well-developed thanks to the high volume of travellers in the country.     

However, transportation options aren’t equal. Some come with more expenses while others involve more hassle. You need to consider the transport option that is most convenient for you to conveniently move around in Thailand.

You can get around the country using buses. Inter-town buses are one of the most convenient ways to use to travel throughout Thailand. The bus network is reliable and prolific. Baw Khaw Saw (BKS) travels all over Thailand travel routes linking every city and town. 

The government of Thailand controls the BKS. You can choose to ride on either ordinary or air-con buses. Comfort, speed, and cost vary depending on the type of bus you choose to use. Minivans are also available for you to use to get to various destinations. They are mostly privately owned.

You can also get around Thailand through the train system. The four corners of Thailand are connected by the train network. This is a great alternative to buses. You can take a train for the long journey from Chiang Mai to the north or from Surat Thani to the south. 

The train also comes in handy if you are travelling short trips. You can use it when travelling from Bangkok to Lopburi and Ayuthaya. The train can help you beat traffic. You may need to book a train in advance for you to get the class you prefer. Trains tend to fill up quickly. 

Trains come in all assortments. There are both modern and old trains in Thailand. Cross your fingers for you not to end up in an ageing squeaky train. On the flip side, the freedom to sit and relax comfortably as well as enjoy the scenery of Thailand’s travelling routes make trains worth every dime. 

Major islands and the mainland are connected by ferries. You simply buy a ticket and board a ferry. There are high safety standards maintained on these ferries. Boats, on the other hand, may at times be in poor condition or overloaded.  

The price of ferry tickets in tourist areas is usually low. This is because of the many ferries plying the waters in such areas. Speedboats and jetfoils are also used to get to popular touristed islands.  

The classic Thai vehicle has to be the tuk-tuk. You can use a tuk-tuk to move around Thailand’s travel routes. This three-wheeled vehicle is ideal for short distances. You can enjoy a unique experience by riding in a tuk-tuk. For areas such as Mai and Chiang, you may have to use this mode of transport to get around. 

There are various means of transport that you can use in Thailand. Some of these means can take you to remote destinations in Thailand. Others offer comfort for a higher price. You should consider these options when you want to get around Thailand.

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