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The next time you’re loading up your own car to drive to your holiday destination, consider how hiring a vehicle could make your trip that much easier. There are many reasons why hiring instead of driving your own car is not only more convenient, but also more budget-friendly. No matter where you’re driving to or what you plan to do when you get there, you can take advantage of hiring a vehicle. Here are five reasons why it’s a great idea.


Everyone Can Take One Car

Have more people going on your trip than can fit in one vehicle? Your solution might be to take two cars, but then you have to worry about getting separated and deciding who is riding with whom. If you hire a larger vehicle such as an SUV or van, you can fit everyone in one car and still have plenty of room for your luggage. You can even hire a camper or a motor home if you really want to have a lot of space.

Save Your Own Vehicle

Driving long distances, especially if you do it often, can take its toll on your own vehicle. If you already drive a good distance every day, this additional driving can lead to the need for more frequent vehicle maintenance. You may even have to replace your vehicle more frequently due to the additional wear and tear. Hiring a vehicle can extend your own car’s lifespan and reduce trips to the mechanic.

Reduce Your Trip Budget

Taking multiple vehicles means you will pay for twice the fuel. If you hire one large vehicle that everyone can fit in, you won’t have to worry about the extra fuel expenses. Even if you could all fit in your one vehicle, it may not be the most fuel-efficient. You may be able to rent a vehicle that uses significantly less fuel, offsetting the rental fee and actually saving you money. The best car rental companies have a number of fuel efficient models available.

Go Camping

On many long trips, you’ll have to find lodging along the way. If you rent a camper or a motor home, though, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is find a place to park for the night. There are many camping facilities in the country, including a number of areas where freedom camping is allowed. As long as you clean up after yourselves and don’t park overnight in areas where it’s not allowed, you can add an additional element of fun to your holiday by camping.

Travel in Style

If your own vehicle is older or if you’re embarrassed by its state, you can travel in style with a luxury rental car. Rental companies keep a number of stylish cars on hand for those who want something a little more impressive for their next holiday. These vehicles are spacious, comfortable, and drive well no matter what terrain you’re driving them through.


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