Playa Del Carmen hotel

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Situated on the Mexican peninsula the Playa Del Carmen is very famous for its exotic beaches and clear turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The slow pace of life makes it an ideal place to go if you want to escape from the noise and fast pace of a busy city life.

In fact this place has quite a selection of hotels ranging from romantic boutique hotels to resorts. With commendable amenities on offer, the hotels Playa Del Carmen indeed make for a great place to have a relaxed, comfortable and affordable vacation.

Some features to look for

Choosing the right hotel can make your stay extra special and also give you the opportunity to experience every aspect of the life in Playa Del Carmen. There are many hotels Playa Del Carmen which offer luxury and comfort as a package deal. Staying in such hotels ensures an ambience which makes one feel at peace with oneself. Ideally such hotels should have

Playa Del Carmen hotel

  • Elegantly designed modern rooms with an exotic view of the ocean with all modern facilities like
    • Proper air conditioning,
    • Flat screen television with cable or satellite connection,
    • Access to a high speed internet,
    • Direct telephone lines,
    • Alarm clocks,
    • 24 hours room service etc.
  • A private beach for the hotel guests to enjoy various beachfront activities like
    • Sun-bathing,
    • Scuba diving,
    • Jet-skiing,
    • Taking a relaxed walk etc.
  • Fine dining with the added advantages of
    • Being able to have dinner under the moonlight,
    • Having meals while enjoying the different moods of the ocean and
    • Having a food menu consisting of
      • Local as well as Mediterranean flavours and
      • Other popular continental cuisines.
    • Very good connectivity with the airport
      • With pickup facilities which enable the hotel to offer a warm welcome to its guests and
      • Drop-off facilities to ensure that they leave with a happy feeling.
    • Shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants etc., nearby so that the guests are able to enjoy the whole spectrum of entertainment available.
    • Private parking so as to enable guests who bring their own cars to park it within the hotel premises and be sure that it will stay safe.
    • Other optional facilities like a fully equipped gym, aerobics and morning yoga classes, oriental spa etc.

Quite a few hotels in Playa Del Carmen offer almost all of the above features. Hence getting a hotel within your budget and liking will not be a hindrance here thereby enabling you to enjoy your exotic vacation.

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