Capri Waters Country Club

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Capri Waters Country Club is luxury resort, located Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia. If you have been long for a perfect holiday, no other place can beat the rich architecture, and the serenity that comes bundled with the holiday apartments of Capri Waters.

Managed by Classic Holidays that has been offering amazing holiday deals to vacationers coming to Australia for more than 30 years, Capri Waters Country Club offers you comfortable living, majestic treatment, picturesque natural scenery, and vicinity to valuable heritage sites, adding depth to your holiday.

The following pointers attempt to underpin the greatest attributes this wonderful resort club that turn your holiday into a treasured, unforgettable holiday–

Capri Waters Country Club

  • Location – I spoke to many families and couples, lately, who stayed here at the club during their vacation. Surprisingly, they all talked about its strategically-chosen location. The structure is well-settled very close to the iconic Lake Mulwala, the mighty Murray River, and countless sites of historical and heritage values. That means, you can enjoy lake cruising and other water sports and day-time activities, while staying in your full-of-luxuries apartment at the Capri Waters club. Above and beyond, it is a location that connects you to all the important locations/sites/touring destinations in and around the town, via beautiful freeways and state highways. What’s more, Capri Waters, with its own boats, allows its guests to enjoy water sports activities.
  • Discover the rich history – If you are on holiday to give yourself a break from your bustling lifestyle, then checking out the sites of historical and cultural heritage could be great addition. Capri Waters is located in proximity to some of the very important sites of traditional importance. You would love to pay a visit to these places. (Ask your holiday organizers, or scan through Google Maps, to know more on this.)
  • Peace and privacy – What you need when vacationing is peace, coupled with safety and privacy. Capri Waters Country Club provisions for optimum safety and privacy, so that nothing intrudes the boundary of your peace. The self-contained apartments of the club are a heaven of peace, where you can restore yourself for your regular, after-holiday life.
  • Golfing, shopping, cafes and cuisines – In addition, Capri Waters has a number of facilities to add leisure to your holiday. To include a few, the resort has its mini golf course, pool and water slide, sauna, table tennis lawn, and full kitchen. Moreover, you can indulge in the world-class cafes and restaurants, situated at a stone’s throw away from the club.

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