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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia can captivate the wedding of your dream since they offer remarkable packages that include a variety of wedding halls you can choose from. Event space in Petaling Jaya is also located in Sunway city where guests always uncover endless discoveries, entertainment, and excitement-packed retail experiences.

Private Wedding and Other Events

Petaling Jaya hotel offers tremendous halls where you can host your private meeting and events. They are equipped with a certified and experienced team that aims to deliver a close perfection as possible on every side of each event. Probably, it is a fact that perfection is an unchangeable target.

Whether are looking for a wedding hall or venue, Petaling Jay has included the entire private and wedding events necessities. At Petaling Jaya hotel include all you are requires to do so as to obtain these facilities, just contact management and hire the wedding specialists to plan a colorful wedding for you. You will definitely achieve the best at Petaling Jaya, contemporary design, classic-pillar less hall, giant LED and wide stage.

Meeting package in Petaling Jaya Hotel

The meeting halls include an intimate domestic meeting of 15 delegate function capacity of 200 people. You can also enjoy elegant benefits such as suitable services for your meeting and incredible hotel facilities for your events. Discuss with Pelalinng team and share what is necessarily required so as ensure your event a success and they revert back to you with a quotation.

Business Meeting Rooms in Petaling hotel

Have you been looking for a perfect meeting room in Sunway City? Just book an event space in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and explore the reasonable packages including elegant meeting rooms that cater to all your requirements.

Petaling Jaya comprises an impressive package, thus they are directing an essential way of thinking. It is a time they’ve decided to share a fresh new approach to events so as to bring people and organize together.

Spacious and Stylish guest rooms

Petaling Jaya Hotel contains 15 single breakout rooms that can be collaborated so as to accommodate higher volume for individuals with big events. Customers’ concern that may arise is also addressed efficiently. Information about the services is offered at Petaling Jaya especially for the clients who impressed with services.

Book a stay in Petaling Hotel at least two weeks in advance to enjoy 20 percent savings on the cost of your room rates! Accommodation in the entire rooms are provided on the Best-Available-Rate or simply word, charging rates of bed and Breakfast. The following are other services include the package:

  • Free high internet speed access (Wi-Fi)
  • Free shuttle services to the town center
  • Free one vehicle parking fees (per room)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Complete booking room is a non-refundable deposit.
  • Charges are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and including the prevailing GST at 0%.
  • A confirmed booking cannot be canceled modified.
  • Changes in rates may apply
  • Proposals not applicable to whichever promotions.


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia comprises a sophisticated financial district and most prominent shopping center in the country. In addition, the scheduled shuttle services are available daily to Sunway City from Petaling Jaya hotel.

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