Hyundai Elantra

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Sedans are one of the oldest styles of vehicles in the contemporary market. Today we would like to explain how much they have changed and what they offer to drivers today.

Hyundai Elantra

Size/Market Segment

Sedans are vehicles with mostly four doors plus one for the trunk which is made of a traditional design. The basic offers among sedans include subcompact (Shevrolet Spark), compact (Hyundai Elantra), midsize (Honda Civic) and large or full-size cars (Toyota Avalon). Be ready that if you are looking for a car not all of them fit into one and even any one group completely.


Subcompact and compact sedans most frequently cost around $10,000, for a mid-size sedan you will pay around $18,000 or up to $80,000 for a luxury model. Large sedans in general run from $20,000 and are perfect for large families. With no doubt, exotic models will range around $300Ks.

Engines/Fuel Economy

The variability of engines for sedans is enormous. You can find engines from three and up to 12 cylinders in this group. Moreover, today many manufacturers produce a lot of hybrids and all-electric cars. Fuel economy is mostly great among sedans and modern technologies applied by the manufacturers only continue to improve this feature. Today most mid-size sedans have same fuel efficiency engines as compact models.


Sedan manufacturers always keep in mind that many families choose this type of vehicles as family cars. This is why you can find such features as front-seat side airbags, antilock brakes, full-length side curtain airbags and undoubtedly stability control; and all these features are standard for sedans. You can also find rearview cameras in most modern sedans because they become a standard today.

Luxury and Convenience Features

As already stated, many different sedans are produced and a lot of luxury options with additional features. Into additional or luxury features you can expect to have rearview cameras, heated seats, automatic climate control, navigation systems, smartphone interfaces, keyless start systems and Bluetooth capability. However, some of these features can also be found in non-luxurious sedans just make sure to ask about them when shopping.

Passenger Capacity/Interior Space

Sedans are perfectly comfortable for four adults or two adults and three children. If you have more people in your family, you can opt for a large sedan.

Cargo Capacity

The smallest sedans can offer you 10-12 cubic feet of trunk space, compact sedans have 12-13, midsize vehicles offer 14-16 and the largest sedans have over 17 and up to 21 cubic feet of trunk space. If you plan to haul anything bulky, such as a boat or a moving home, you need to opt for a sedan with special folding rear seats. If you are looking for a sedan that will be perfect for long distance trips then four-door vehicles with hatchbacks are your best choice.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

Both transmissions are good and available. For instance, Volkswagen Jetta is manufactured in both packages. In this respect you need to consider what you prefer and be ready that manual cars have slightly better fuel efficiency.

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