Airport Transfer

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Business travellers generally face a lot of issues when going on a foreign trip. As a business traveller in Melbourne, you will probably have to leave the city several times during the year. If you live alone, there are several arrangements that you will have to make before departing. While it’s easy to lock down the house before departing, one of the problems that most people face when leaving on a foreign trip is the question of where to leave the car. If you have a garage on your property, you can just park the car at home and set up an appointment with an airport transfer company to drop you off at the airport.

Airport Transfer

What Services Do They Offer?

Companies that offer airport transfers in Melbourne generally specialise in taking people to and from the airport. When you contact the company, they will give you an option to choose from several different types of cabs. Usually, these companies offer four different types of cabs for their clients. They are divided into the following categories.

Chauffeur Car Service

This is a luxurious service designed for people who want to travel in style. These are designed not just for travelling to the airport, but also to other functions and events such as parties, weddings, etc. The company will send over a top-of-the-line vehicle along with a professionally trained chauffeur to accompany you to your destination.

Business Class Cabs

These are upmarket cabs that are spacious enough to accommodate all of your luggage and take you to the airport in a very comfortable manner.

Standard Cabs

Standard cabs are designed for people who want to travel in an affordable vehicle. They are available for both off and on-peak traffic times. The drivers are professionally trained and they have lots of experience in weaving in and out of traffic to take passengers to their destination both quickly and safely.

Maxi Cabs

Maxi cabs are designed for carrying larger groups of people. They also have accessibility options for disabled passengers. The company will also send a professional chauffeur to attend to any problems and assist passengers along the way.

Tips on Arranging a Transfer

As you can probably imagine, luxury cabs are more expensive. Ideally, you should make a booking for the airport transfer several days in advance. The company will add your name to their time slots and a driver will be sent to your place at the specified time.

Depending upon the amount of expected traffic, the company will recommend leaving a little bit early. As mentioned above, the drivers are well-trained and have exceptional driving and time management skills. They will get you to your destination in the shortest amount of time without causing any sort of stress.

This alleviates the need for you to use your vehicle at all, thus giving you peace of mind knowing that your car isn’t stranded out in the open. The fare is calculated depending upon the distance from your place to the airport. You can either pay via credit card or with cash.


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