Why you should try the local cuisine when you travel

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With the growth of technology, the world is figuratively getting smaller. It is much easier to travel anywhere in the world today than it was even ten years ago, due to factors such as the proliferation of airlift which have led to cheaper airfare. People, like Robert St Thomas are also more curious and interested in traveling the world to discover what is out there and what other cultures are all about. When you travel to a new destination, it is essential that you try the local food, we will explore reasons why you should.

Eating Local food is consuming local culture

One very compelling reason to eat local food when you travel is that local food is part of the culture of the destination. Every country that you visit have local delicacies consumed by most of the population, eating these local dishes is a great way of immersing yourself in the culture and learning what the culture is all about. For example, if you visit Hong Kong, eating Steam shrimp dumplings or Pineapple bread is an excellent way of directly engaging in the culture, you will also develop a deeper appreciation for the traditions of Hong Kong, and you would relish the unique experience for a lifetime! If one of the reasons why you travel is to learn about different cultures, an incredibly easy way to do so is by eating local food!

Local Food is Fresher

Also, local food is fresher and taste better. When you consume local food, you are eating fresh food that came directly from a local farm or other local producers. This type of food is healthier and better for you than food that is imported, since the shelf life is much less. Also, seasonal food allows you to eat in concert with the environment; you should eat local, seasonal food when you travel to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment!

Eating local food benefit the Community

Eating local cuisine when you travel also benefits local communities economically. One reason why there is pushback to tourism in some locales is that the people do not think they benefit in a significant way from the influx of foreign visitors. One way that you can change this is by eating local cuisine from native restaurants when you travel. You are more likely to be welcomed by the community if they perceive that hosting you is beneficial to them. So, when next you travel to a new destination, be a socially responsible tourist and support the local restaurants and businesses in general, you will have a richer and more fulfilling experience when you do so.

You discover new dishes to try at home

Trying local cuisine when you travel, gives you the exciting option of trying these dishes at home. If you eat a particular meal when you travel and like it, you can try to prepare it for yourself when you get home! This will broaden your culinary horizon and add excitement to cooking for your family or friends, making mealtime a time to look forward to, which by extension will help you to bond with the important people in your life.

Finally, if you travel and do not explore local cuisine, your travel experience would be largely mundane. Eating locally grown and prepared meals when you travel will open your mind to what the different cultures of the world are all about, making the world truly smaller for you!

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