Vipava Valley

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If you are in Slovenia, or plan to pay a visit to the country, we suggest you to take a trip to Vipava Valley. It is one of the must-see spots in the area with a fine treat waiting for you. Throw away your boredom and take a ride to Vipava, which would take around an hour from the capital city of Ljubljana. But why you should spend some hours of your valuable time in reaching out the valley and exploring it? Well, below are the reasons.

Scenic beauty

Whenever tourists are going to a place, they look for the spots that are gifted by nature and provide amazing scenic beauty. Vipava is a destination that is blessed by nature and you will find it a great location which will make you feel closer to the environment and nature. There are vineyards, orchards, and steep slopes for you to discover and you can end up capturing some really amazing pictures on your visit to Vipava.

The windiest location

Vipava is a valley that is considered as the windiest region in Slovenia. It receives the winds known as Bora or Burja, that has ability to reach the speed of as much as 180 kilometer per hour! It is very helpful in drying the prosciutto and keeping away the fogs and clouds from the area. When you reach there, you will find that the roofs of the house are covered with stones which assure that the tiles won’t blow away. However, it can cause some traffic issues if blowing at a good speed.

Here is a great insight to one of many things said about the Bora Wind. According to the legend, this was a decisive factor in a battle in 394 as it helped in making the Christianity the only religion all across the Roman Empire.

What else

Apart from the above, you get to experience the local culture and see the life of individuals living in valleys in Slovenia. Get your hands on the delicious local cuisine or be a part of the annual grape harvesting event that takes place every September.

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