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If you are planning a summer holiday and looking for a new set of luggage, you may be out for a bargain thinking that this will save money for you to spend this year. Actually, it just might but then again, what about future years and holidays coming up again in the winter or your best friend’s wedding you are to attend in the autumn? You really need to pay careful attention to the bags you choose because there are important factors to consider.

Safety and Security of Belongings

Of absolute importance is safety and security of the things you will be taking with you on your trip. Some luggage can’t stand up to rough handling of the luggage handlers and in transport whilst on the road. The luggage you choose should be strong and sturdy and able to withstand knocks and bumps without cracking. You can’t afford to replace your belongings on the trip which would be much more expensive than buying a better luggage set to begin with. Opting for a little higher price now is better than paying a small fortune later!

Ease of Transport

The next consideration should be how easily you will be able to transport your luggage to and from the airport and when on the ground going back and forth between destinations. When designing a wheeled set like Topas, Rimowa certainly had ease of transport in mind.


The right luggage set will literally last a lifetime. Cheaper luggage may afford you more money to spend immediately but you should consider the long term. If you travel at least once a year for holidays and pack luggage to last from several days to several weeks, you will want something that is going to withstand wear and tear over a longer period of time. The right set of luggage now is important for your future holidays.


When travelling you will want to be as fashionable with your luggage as you are with the clothes you buy for your trip. Style is important and with the right luggage set you won’t need to sacrifice style for any of the features that make it so attractive. With a company like Rimowa that has been setting the trend in luggage for more than a century, you can be certain that you will be getting the quality you need in a style in keeping with today’s fashions.

No matter how you look at it, you should never suffer quality for cost. Luggage is only as fashionable as the condition it is in and cheap quality at a low cost will probably not even look good at the other end of the journey. If you want luggage that is stylish and durable you may pay a few more pounds but the quality of what you get for that bit of extra money is more than worth the expense. There are few names in the industry that can stand up to Rimowa and that’s why choosing the right luggage set is so important when choosing between designer sets. The right set will look great today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life because it will still be there for the duration. That’s why it’s so important.

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