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Whales are amazing animals that are fascinating to watch. While some smaller species of whales are held in captivity, it is becoming increasingly uncommon and controversial, and the biggest species of whales can never be found in captivity. The only way to see these amazing creatures is to take a day trip for some whale watching in the wild.

Trip Details

If you are interested in whale watching in Sydney, the process for arranging a trip is very simple. On the edge of Sydney is Darling Harbour, where a myriad of activities are open for your enjoyment. There are aquariums, restaurants, and even a snow playground in July. In this area there are different tour options available. You can choose between a private tour and a group tour. You can also choose the amount of time you would like to be out on the water.

From May to August, the whales are migrating and will be passing by in groups. You will see not only one or two, but a large pod of whales. Keeping in mind that whales are amazing, independent creatures, it’s impossible to predict the amount you will spot or the tricks they will do. You will mainly see humpback whales, along with a variety of other species as well. The whales might perform tricks, and the helpful crew on board will be able to answer any of your queries.

Whale Information

Whale watching often brings up all sorts of questions, and it makes you curious to learn even more. Here are a few fun whale facts to trigger your curiosity.

  • The closest living relative to whales and dolphins is a hippo, certainly not an animal that you would expect to be related.
  • Sperm whales display surprising sleep habits. When they nap (up to 15 minutes at a time), they generally are in a vertical position, head up. It is believed that they start out closer to the ocean floor, but during their nap, they slowly rise upward until their head is bobbing on the water’s surface.
  • Bowhead whales are thought to have an extremely long lifespan. Because whales tend to live longer than humans and this species is not often in captivity, it is hard to track their life expectancy. However, some whales of this type have been discovered with shrapnel that was over 100 years old. It is believed by some scientists that bowhead whales can live up to 200 years.
  • The blue whale contains the largest heart in the world, which weighs in at almost 500 kilograms, the weight of a small car. A child could crawl through its largest aorta.
  • Orca whales are actually dolphins, not whales. They are extremely common creatures and can be found in many different types of oceans, both cold and warm.

A whale watching tour will give you the opportunity of a lifetime – to see whales up close and enjoy their beauty. You will learn a lot and have an amazing day!

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