Columbia Road Flower Market East London

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Summer days are hitting upon us and surely the urge to go on a vacation thrives up. If your vacation destination is London, then you can easily make your morning. How? You can visit the gem-toned flower market in full bloom. No matter what you are, a floral fanatic or just want to make your morning surrounded with heavenly scents and colors, I have listed few best places to visit –

  1. Columbia Road Flower Market, East London :

If you have come around London Travelodge either if you stay there, then Columbia Road Flower Market is the place you should definitely visit. My favorite thing about Columbia Road Flower Market is that you can go a number of times and you never have the same experience. Every visit has the essence of new, fresh and lovely.

The Columbia Road on every Sunday between timings 8am to 3.30pm is transformed into an oasis as the roads are packed with beautiful plants and flowers. You can find everything, whether it’s the changing season’s stock, seeking out a new restaurant, a new vintage stall, or new band….you will always find something new. If you love the flowers, you can always ask for the flower delivery in east london.

In case if your fellow mates are not into flowers just like you then the clothing stores, cozy English pubs and many such interesting things can be visited. Moreover, if you visit Treacle you will find some really yummy baked goods, while Suck and Chew is a great find for traditional sweet lovers.

  1. New Spitalfields Market, East London :

Love cooking? If you are one and staying in Stratford Travelodge, you’re not just on the same line as the shopping havens of Oxford Street and Notting Hill Gate. The New Spitalfields is few steps away, and if you are too much into your food, then it makes a good stip-off on your way to central London.

The place is open from midnight to 11am, Monday to Saturday, and it is one of the largest markets for fruit, vegetable and flower markets in the world. It is located on 31-acre site in Leyton, New Spitalfields is the UK’s most favorite and specialized place for fruits, flowers and vegetables. Keep in mind that here quantities are pretty large so you should not be here unless you are here with a van.

The place got its name in 13th century in Spitalfields, which is just off Brick Lane, and the market relocated to its current, more impressive site in 1991. The place where you can travel the whole world – from China t Morocco – that too without leaving the UK.

  1. New Covent Garden Market, South London :

The favorite place of florists – New Covent Garden Market is the best and largest wholesale flower market in the country. Most of the florists mention that New Covent Market is one of their favorite places to shop, however if you are planning something as big as a wedding or party, you need to wake up early as the core trading hours are from 4am to 10am, Monday to Saturday.

As the Covent Market is a wholesale market, you can touch, smell and even compare prices on almost all the blooms. The flowers selection is pretty large but that’s half the fun as you let your imagination go crazy with different colors and style to make your bouquet outstanding. The market not just includes flowers, but if you are craving and want some food, then you can prefer Village Café for hot drinks and breakfast butties.

I hope you have added all these places in your list. Once you visit, don’t forget to comment your lovely experience.

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