Use Expert Travel Tips to Discover Transylvania’s Mysterious Charm

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If you love to discover picturesque rural regions, preserving centuries-old, well-kept traditions, then you would definitely enjoy an adrenaline-filled holiday in Transylvania. The region, also known as Ardeal, the homeland of Dracula, is a paradise for tourists who are eager to explore dangerous mountain roads, beautiful, mysterious dark forests, old mansions, wooden churches and their remarkable stories, while getting to understand the daily trills maintained by a simple lifestyle, in permanent contact with Mother Nature’s everlasting wonders. Although you might consider yourself a bold explorer, you will definitely need a series of expert travel tips, offered by a real specialist, enabling you to make smart choices while avoiding various risks factors that could compromise the entire trip.Use Expert Travel Tips to Discover Transylvania’s Mysterious Charm

1) Discover the main tourist attractions

Transylvania is certainly the ideal destination for people driven by a strong sense of adventure, correlated with a genuine passion for old traditions and a simple, yet fulfilling rural existence. Be prepared to sacrifice a few hours of sleep, in order to be able to contemplate all the natural and man-made beauties located in this region. Use Internet resources, maps and tourist guide books to identify some of the most popular tourist attractions, like King Carol I’s Peles Castle, the fascinating Brukenthal Museum and architectural masterpieces, like the Palace of Culture and the Bran Castle.

2) Enjoy tasty foods and local traditions

When you plan to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in a region as special as Transylvania is, you can’t leave until you’ve tried all its famous recipes. If you love and appreciate old wine, make sure you don’t miss Crama Sibiul Vechi, a fascinating brick cellar from Sibiu, where every glass of wine has its own story. Use expert travel tips to identify the best local restaurants, serving tasty food and great drinks at unbeatable prices. Don’t forget to try the famous “tuica” (plum alcohol) while enjoying the roasted chicken with polenta and garlic sauce making your mouth water every single time.

3) Stay in perfect shape

Those calorie-dense foods can add a few inches to your waist. Make sure you visit Transylvania’s popular wellness centers, offering treatments that can make you look up to ten years younger. If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast, perhaps you want to burn those calories by engaging all your efforts in entertaining physical exercises. Transylvania’s amazing hiking and biking tracks will help you preserve your figure, while offering you a much-awaited shot of adrenaline.

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