Truck rack for carrying the kayak

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If you want to increase capacity of loading cargo in your pickup truck then you must get racks installed in it. They need to be strong and properly installed so that you can carry pipes, ladders, lumbers or some bulky load on it leaving the bed space open for loading of some other weight. You can prefer installing kayak racks for trucks if you are a lover of rafting. There are two main types of racks available for your pick truck; you can look below for the various types of racks that can be fitted on your truck.

Types of truck racks

Horizontal bed extenders: You can use this rack if you are having a boat, they can be attached to the rear of your vehicle. It is very good that the rear of almost every truck has ample space that can be extended even more. You can get them hooked into the hitch of your truck easily. For your truck, kayak rack can be attached to the rear of the length of your boat. For longer boats you can prefer having larger rack as when your truck accelerates the wind must not create any problem or pull the boat down or shake within the truck. You can extend its length according to your needs.

Vertical bed extender: If you are feeling uncomfortable in driving with the horizontal extender you can use the other option available which is the vertical bed extender. You get these installed in your truck to get extra space of the bed. The weight of the kayak you carry on it gets divided between the cabinet of your truck and the rear of your truck’s bed. It is very easy to install as there is only single bar that needs fixing on the back side of your truck’s bed.

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