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When people think of Family Holiday to Dubai, the first things that pop into their mind are towering hotels and skyscrapers, five-star restaurants, and rich folks driving around in luxury cars. Because of these, a lot of travelers feel that Dubai is inaccessible for them if they don’t have thousands of dollars in pocket money. But, if you feel the same way, take note that this isn’t really the case! Sure, this emirate is glitzy and flashy and has lots of expensive establishments, but it also has several attractions that are ideal for those who are on a tight budget. Here are some of the nearly free things you can do when you’re in Dubai:

Go biking

Dubai might not be as bike-friendly as Amsterdam, but it’s slowly making life easier and more enjoyable for cyclists. One of the biggest steps that the city has taken is investing in bike rental schemes. Simply head off to the Dubai Marina promenade or to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Boulevard and rent a high-quality bike for around 15 dirhams for half an hour. Spend the next 30 minutes exploring the city’s streets and seeing the local attractions (like the marina and Burj Khalifa) from a different point of view.

Enjoy an abra ride

Dubai is separated into two parts — Deira and Bur Dubai — by the Dubai Creek. You can cross this natural inlet through taxis or the Metro, but where’s the fun in that? If you want to go on a mini-adventure, ride an abra (a type of small boat) to cross the creek and get to the other side. Just pay around 1 dirham to enjoy the feeling of being on water and getting plenty of picture-taking opportunities.

Go swimming in Jumeirah Beach Park

Most of Dubai’s beaches have already been claimed by various hotels and resorts, meaning you need to spend top dollar just to set foot on them. Fortunately, there are still several stretches of sand that’s affordable for frugal travelers. One of these is the Jumeirah Beach Park, which has become a favorite among locals and tourists because of its cool, shady, and grassy areas and family-friendly atmosphere. It will set you back around 5 dirhams, but the cost is worth it since you’ll get to access quality amenities like barbecues, picnic areas, and a play area for kids.

Relax at Al Safa Park

The park has been affected by the construction of the Dubai Water Canal (which links Dubai Creek to the Arabian Gulf at Jumeirah Beach), although this will change when the final building phase of the canal is completed. Al Safa Park is still worth a visit; with an entrance fee of just 3 dirhams, you can relax under the trees, use one of the barbecue pits for free, and find interesting products at the flea market.

Visit the Dubai Museum

Getting into the Dubai Museum (which is located inside the historic Al Fahidi Fort) will only cost you 3 dirhams. Once you’re inside, you’ll get to explore awesome displays and exhibits that depict how life was like in Dubai many years ago. Spend an hour learning how the city evolved from a pearl diving community to the glitzy commercial capital it is today.

Explore these almost-free attractions and enjoy the beauty and charm of Dubai — without spending too much! Not to mention you may get in touch with La Vacanza Travel for the best options of Dubai Holiday Packages from India.

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