Budget Hotels in Rome

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Lodging is one of the most important things for a traveler. After a long day of visiting famous spots and walking around ever street and corner, they need to know that they have a warm bed waiting for them when they (eventually) retire for some rest. But even with all that, they probably do not want to spend half their travel money on a place they will only be using for sleeping. So, here are a few good places we recommend for crashing which can still save you some money.

  1. The Beehive

This place is seen as the tourist’s escape from the chaos which is sometimes Rome. The Beehive is an eco-friendly budget hotel, minimally decorated but still managing to look chic. The rooms and bathrooms all have organic shampoos, soaps, and linens, all of them being made by the locals. You can also enjoy the welcome lounge and the outdoor garden, plus massage therapy, yoga classes, and vegetarian bio cafes. A room goes from €80, with a shared bathroom.

  1. Capamundi

Found on a side street of the Vatican neighborhood, this is a three-suite place that is ideal for crashing in on a weekend. It has good security provided by the double gates (no paps will be spotting you there). It’s a relaxing B&B place; all of the three suites decorated in luxurious fabrics that will make you feel like a star. You can reserve this suite from €120

  1. Grand Hotel Gianicolo

Out of all the places that hit the motherlode of budget hotels, Grand Hotel Gianicolo is definitely one of them. The hotel resembles a palace on top of Gianicolo hills and is an Italian classic that is simply a wonder to look at. The interiors may not look chic or anywhere close to luxurious, but the rooms are guaranteed to be nice and quiet, with prompt service and a superb outdoor pool. For €140 B&B, this room can be yours.

  1. Hotel Santa Maria

Set in Trastevere, this little hotel can offer you a quiet escape from the overly active travel day. Orange trees set in the courtyard offer a nice fragrance for those who want to relax outside at a table. The rooms are also nicely decorated in an Italian country style, and the bathroom en-suite is spotless. Prices start from €100 B&B.

Budget Hotels in Rome

  1. Relais Palazzo Taverna

Nice, simple and chic, this hotel was built into a 12th-century fortress (talk about safety). Doubling from €100 (room only), the place offers a nice escape from the busy Rome. Also, points for the fact that it has a gelateria just around the corner.

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