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Given the expanse of this, right called “Big Apple” city of New York, you may be tempted to take on all the New York City tours encompassing the popular NYC attractions. But if you are someone who wants to get beyond these very apparent attractions, New York is abundant with a ton of secret places. Beautiful, weird, and spooky, these places are everything from tranquil to some buzzing with badass music! Here’s a list of top 11 secret places to visit during New York City tour.

  1. Greenacre Park

It’s surprising how out of nowhere, there is a 25-foot waterfall flowing down a stone wall. The waterfall comes across as a blissful delight perfect to take a breather from the otherwise very hustling Midtown.

  1. Berlin Wall, Manhattan

A little bit of Germany in the USA, the Berlin Wall in Manhattan is in fact, a few pieces that were gathered from the actual devastated wall. The wall is erected in the 520 Madison Avenue for visitors to get a glance and click pictures.

  1. Staten Island

This borough of New York, is popular for its beautiful parks and pristine lakes. But what is rather striking about this island is the Mount Loretto Beach and its very unusual rock formations. The Staten Island Boat Graveyard is quite stirring too, given its mysticism owing to the fact that old boats are got here to perish. This is an unmissable on secretive Best tours in New York.

  1. Le Boudoir

If speakeasies nudge that thrill in you, then a visit to the Le Boudoir is a must! Skillfully concealed in the Brooklyn Heights, this cellar-speakeasy is all things sleazily retro. Talk about red velvet banquets and lots of wooden furniture and of course the unmissable T-shaped structure of the bar, this place is no less than going back in time!

  1. Secret Subway Exit at Brooklyn

The 58 Joralemon Street may come across as a regular townhouse, until you get behind its doors! As you do so, you get right into the subway station. Apparently, the house is used by the authorities for the subway’s ventilation.

  1. City Hall Station

No, Brooklyn Bridge is not the last stop if you are on the number 6 subway line downtown! Stay further, until you reach the actual last stop, essentially the place where the train changes it direction. With a very gothic vibe to it, this station if bound to make you feel as if you are in time capsule.

  1. Museum

Nestled in a very tiny area of 60 square feet, the New York Museum is a modern take on the conventional museums. The area is very artistically used to make the most of this tiny place, accommodating contemporary artifacts from across the world!

  1. Irish Hunger Memorial

Throwing light upon the existence of hunger and poverty even in given times, the Irish Hunger Memorial is perched gracefully in the vicinity of One World Trade Center and the Lady Liberty.

  1. Chemistry

If you have thing for erotica, Chemistry is bound to blow you mind!

  1. Underground Bowling Alley

Done visiting the Henry C. Frick Collection Museum? How about playing a bowling game under it?! Yes, you read that right, there is an underground bowling alley right below this very popular NYC attraction.

  1. Roosevelt Island Hospital

A castle like super spooky place once used to accommodate smallpox patients, is bound to send a chill down your spine!

It is highly possible that you might not find the above on any of the conventional best New York tours, but without a glimpse of these, you certainly are missing out on so much NYC has to offer! Do not forget to try out the economical and fun way to explore the City through hop on hop off tours in New York City.


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