Tips to Hire a Taxi at Stansted Airport

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There are a number of taxi companies that you can use when departing from or arriving at the Stansted Airport When choosing a taxi keep in mind that you should never choose one that is not an official licensed private vehicle for hire or a black taxi. Taxis that have an official license will display a “Transport for London” licence tag.Tips to Hire a Taxi at Stansted Airport

Those who try to solicit business without a licence are not reputable. You could very well be putting yourself at risk if you choose to use unlicensed taxis. Besides being unsafe, many women are often assaulted as a result of taking a ride in an unlicensed taxi. Also it is good to know that black taxis are legally obligated to take on passengers who are travelling six miles or less if their yellow light is on.

When you arrive at Stansted Airport, there is only one taxi company located inside the terminal building. This company, Stansted Cars, can be reached at +44 (0)1279 662444. This is the official taxi company of the airport. There are other taxi companies available but these are located outside of the terminal building or nearby. Such companies include Checker Cars as well as Hertz and Essex Taxi. While these taxi companies lack the convenience of Stansted Cars they can still be useful. Due to promotions or other special rates using these companies may save you a little money.

On average, mini cabs or taxis are cheaper than black taxis. Sometimes for long journeys this may not be the case though. In order to shop around for the best available rate, most taxi companies can give you a quote online for your convenience. If you would like to speak to a real person, quotes can also be given over the phone and the most popular routes often have a flat fee. If you decide to fly into Stansted without making prior arrangements for a taxi, it is in your best interest to agree on a rate with the taxi company prior to getting into the car. Otherwise you could open yourself up to paying a lot for your taxi ride.

It should be noted that most reservations that occur over the phone could incur a £2 fee. In addition to this, if you choose to pay for your taxi by a credit card you may be accessed a fee of 10%-15%. When making arrangements for your taxi whether over the phone or in person be sure to inquire about any other fees that you may incur such as congestion fees.

Tipping your driver can be confusing. Typically you are not required to tip your driver; however, if you choose to do so tipping at a rate of 10% is acceptable. When tipping most people round up to the nearest pound to make it easier. However, it should be noted that while tipping is not required it might be expected. In general, the rule of thumb is that if you enjoyed the service, then tip. If you didn’t enjoy the service, then don’t.

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