travelling with young children

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travelling with young children

Travelling with infants can be a daunting task, but thankfully My Voucher Codes have prepared a list of handy tips for parents to ensure their holiday plans go without a hitch.

Planning is key

  • Plan your holiday together as a family, asking them what they want to do when you are away
  • First family holidays with very young children can be stressful not just for parent but for children too.Stay closer to home or take a shorter flight to minimise stress
  • Plan your days carefully with attractions you want to see, detailed directions on how to get there, and nearby activities for the whole family

Packing for a family holiday

  • Don’t let children their own cases unsupervised, as you never know what they will pack. Have them help you so nothing is left behind
  • Remember to pack your child’s favourite toys, books or games
  • Make sure you pack chargers for any electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.
  • Encourage your older children to keep a travel diary to document the holiday; this is something that can be shared for years to come

Planes, trains and automobiles

  • Book plane and train tickets so that you travel at night when your children would be sleeping
  • Book your seats in advance so you can all sit together
  • Buy water and other refreshments for the flight
  • When travelling by train, try to book table seats so you have more space
  • Make sure you have headphones for mobile phones and tablets; no-one likes to hear loud music when trying to relax on a long journey
  • If driving to your destination, make sure you take plenty of breaks
  • Plan interesting stop offs on long car journeys, somewhere where you and your family can explore and stretch their legs.
  • Pack plenty of refreshments in your car
  • Portable DVD players, tablets and mobile phones can be handy to keep children occupied on long journeys

Family friendly accommodation

  • Check other customer reviews before you book to ensure it suits your needs
  • Book a hotel in a central location which is close to amenities
  • Opt for an apartment or suiteif you need more space so you’re not all cramped in one room
  • Book resorts which are family friendly and that cater for children and adults
  • Look for hotels which offer child minding, babysitting or kids clubs

Food and drink

  • Encourage your children to try new foods and local cuisines
  • Fill up on free breakfasts and buffets if they are included in your accommodation price
  • If it’s a buffet, take extra food for snacksduring the day or ask your hotel if they can provide picnics
  • By snacks and drinks from local supermarkets as they will be cheaper than getting them from hotel shops
  • If you’re self-catering,cook a big breakfast there and make your own picnics for lunch

Being budget friendly

  • Keep to a budget, but be sure to put some money aside for emergencies
  • Set a budget for souvenirs and treats too
  • Check for free days at museums and other nearby attractions
  • Wherever possible try to take public transport as it will be cheaper than taxis
  • If available use apps such as Uber or Lyft, these often offer cheaper prices than local taxi firms

Miscellaneous tips

  • Always allow more time when traveling with children
  • Pack a mini medical kit filled withplasters and blister packs, antihistamine and Calpol for any unforeseen bumps and bruises
  • Carry antibacterial gel, wet wipes and tissues with you at all times
  • Invest in a child tracking device
  • Take spare clothes on days out
  • Make sure you’ve got your medications and details if you need to get more whilst away

 Speaking about their traveling with children tips,General Manager of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly, said:

“Holidays are a time for relaxing and recharging, even if you have children, it can be easily achieved by careful planning. We hope our top tips will help parents make sure they are ready for their holiday and that they have everything they need to make it memorable for the whole family.”

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