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SkipperCity is one of the most professionalized and successful travel companies that provide yachts tours in and around the area of Croatia. This agency is specialized in yacht charters. This agency has more than 2050 boats and it is located along the Croatia coast like the motor yachts Croatia, catamarans Croatia, motor Croatia, luxury yachts Croatia and the bareboat, fully crew and the skippered charter. Through our charter fleet in Croatia, we provide both the sailing and the rental boats, renting the catamarans, luxury yachts and the motor boats. This company also offers professional type of consultation and provides nautical vacation in various locations including the Adriatic coast in Dalmatia, Zadar, Split, Pula and other cities.

More about the company-

This agency has yachts charters professionals in Croatia. The experts are having knowledge for each and every corner of the area, marina and the island as well as the local area. This organization also provides reservation, offering chartering services for various types of yachts, so that the travelers can enjoy chartering in and around Croatia. This company also offers yachts charters in Croatia. With the help of this organization, the tourists can charter the sailboat, luxury yacht, gullet, motorboat and the catamaran.

Our mission and vision

One of the main objectives of this company is to offer sailing holidays to travelers in Croatia. If the travelers are dreaming for one such journey, they are surely got in contact with us. The travelers provide the best services to the tourists by providing the best prices, almost all of us dream of a luxury yacht journey at the top destinations in world, this company helps in planning and organizing the best charter tours in various parts in Croatia.

How to book a yacht in Croatia

There are some of the steps that will help the travelers to book the yacht for the holidays. At first, the tourist should get a quote on the sailing holidays in Croatia. Then, the traveler will search the boat type from the collection online. This company also offers last minute charter booking. You can find the yacht or the catamaran rental at the last time. The tourists also get special offers at holidays. These are some of the reasons why most of the tourists choose this company for the best holidays. You can boom your yacht right now to get the best touring experience.

Have an idea on the Catamaran charter-

The catamarans in Croatia are the special variety of boat that is available. They are having two hulls and they are more stabile and have more space than the monohulls. They give the excellent sailing opportunity along with the best comfort. If you are not having any type of experience with the catamaran sailing, you can do it by booking the charters from us.

Apart from the catamarans, the tourists can avail the sailboat yacht charters, gullet charters, motorboat charters and so on. You can choose the best one that you require and boom from the list to get an awesome experience.

Why choose Skipper City?

There are various reasons why most of the people are now choosing the Skipper City. You will get an opportunity for the best sailing holidays in Croatia. You will get a secured reservation, fun and friendly staff, more services to offer, gets the chance for the online booking, free reservations, and more number of boats for renting, more destinations for chartering and so on. These are some of the reasons to book the charters from the Skipper City.

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